Has anyone else trained or started this service?

I recently took a training in NYC, and will be doing another with BrowPerfect UK early November.

I've since practiced on a couple of clients and have several lined up in the coming weeks before the next training.

Here are some pics of what I've done.  Below was my first practice before the service goes live before the holidays. Below that is the 2nd model. I've been able to see my mistakes from the pics and can apply that to the next session. 

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Ive been debating on this for the past couple of months. Its not really something that has gotten alot of exposure. Which can be a good thing if you're looking to do this. I've went back and forth on if I would provide this service. They have been doing it in the UK, and prob will be slowly coming to the US. Hopefully if I do decide to do them, I want really announce it to anyone until I've mastered it. Which will give the person a head up in the game. Hopefully you're doing the same. ☺

I've only posted it on social media/word of mouth to get people excited about it. I am also working on a page for my website to go live mid-November in time for the holidays. About 95% of my clients are brows and I've got practice sessions lined up pro-bono. I'll be attending the browperfect uk training on the 3rd, so this will answer any questions that I have that weren't explained in the first training that I did. If anything, it will be a great addition to my menu and beauty repertoire. It's already sprinkled throughout the US but very big in the UK and Australia. I have it on my online scheduling that says coming soon! I'm just working on the logistics, pricing and timing. This will most likely be an after hours service because of the time factor. I'll keep you all posted.

That's great. I wasn't speaking in a of saying you weren't fully trained. I just hinting once you get to the point you have completed the training, and your clients are ranting and raving over it then maybe you can announce it to other professionals. Which would potentially mean you can start hosting classes and training to other individuals (if that's the route you would like to take). Keep us posted, and I've herd the training in the UK is awesome. One in lifetime experience, keep us posted.

I have heard about this so subsequently considering it.  In doing so I also uncovered Eyebrow Embroidery.  Both of these services I believe will definitely be beneficial to add to services and will most likely become as popular as lash extensions which I do.  However, It is quite expensive training.  So will have to see if I go this direction.  I see you work looks fantastic and the best of success to you.   Let us know your progress.  By the way how are you charging you clients?  I suspect it has a good amount especially after the cost of your training.

I agree the pricing for the training seems above normal. It's also that time of year to start spending down and what better way then on education/travel. I'm still working on the pricing for this service, but I'm thinking of a base price which will cover brow waxing/tinting then charging by minute for application since this is a time consuming service. I will also be doing this service afterhours.

Question, did you do your own website? I need to create one on a budget and how was the training? I saw them and found a place in US who trains but its pricey and far for me.  I do want to offer this service since a lot of my business it brows as well


I could not figure out whether the questions is for Willie or me so i will answer anyway.  Don't you get a free website with our membership.  I do.  Use that one.  Also for brow extensions they are doing online trainings now.  Sugarlash is one of those companies which does online.

It was for anyone!! I actually don't belong to this association. So I'm trying to find a place to start one. Thanks for the info!!!!


It's been a few months. Have you done further training with the eyebrow extensions? Do you have many clients asking for it? How long does it take and how often do you fill? How much do you charge?

I have really been debating on doing this.

Hello Linda,

I haven't done any further trainings for the eyebrow extensions. I've done about a dozen services this year alone. I do have clients asking for it but I think the short life vs cost deters people away. They only last about a week, this is what I've heard from the clients and it also states that on the Browperfect site.

I have three levels, 60 minutes $90, 80 minutes $105 which are the mostly booked. The third level is 120 minutes $195 for a full brow, no hair. 

Everyone wants full brows but when they've lived without them for so long it's a total shock and takes an adjustment period to realize the full potential of the brow. Another good reason to have them is a place maker while the brows are growing in.

I like the service, but again, it doesn't warrant the high priced education tag vs client base and amount of time the brows last. I'll give it until I run out of the brow hairs to decide if I want to continue this service. Also supplies aren't cheap either.

Hello Willie,

Where did you train?  I saw an ad for training in one of the trade mags.  It sounds interesting. What is the cost? Is there a high demand?  Thanks for any info!

I saw this advertised some time ago and am interested in training as well. Do you know if this is the same type of glue used for eyelash extensions? It is my understanding that the glue used for eyelashes should not touch the skin. I am curious if you are attaching to the skin here or other brows? I have many clients - in their 50s and 60s - who are seeing loss of brow hair and would be interested but don't have near enough hair to attach anything to. 


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