Has anyone else trained or started this service?

I recently took a training in NYC, and will be doing another with BrowPerfect UK early November.

I've since practiced on a couple of clients and have several lined up in the coming weeks before the next training.

Here are some pics of what I've done.  Below was my first practice before the service goes live before the holidays. Below that is the 2nd model. I've been able to see my mistakes from the pics and can apply that to the next session. 

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HI M Elaine,

The glue has the same ingredient, but there is a latex based skin glue. You need to do a patch test to see if the client reacts to the hair to hair glue and the latex glue. you can glue to the skin, and I attach to both.


Did you consider the Lola brow training and product from the same company? Looks interesting

I started offering these about 3 months ago. I get a lot of interest in them, but few takers. The problem isnt' lack of interest, it's the fact that many of the women interested have little to no eyebrows to "extend".  I end up suggesting eyebrow wigs instead. However, this might all be explained by the salon I work from. They have a wig studio and so many of the clients are referred to me from being cancer patients or survivors and therefore have no brows. 

I would really like to learn how to do this.  I am located in south florida, so does anyone know where I would go to learn this technique?  I think it is awesome service to have especially for those that do not want permanent cosmetics.  

Hi Willie,

 are you still doing brow extensions I'm thinking about taking the training and wonder if it's worth it? they don't last as long as lash extensions? is the price-risk reward worth it to you?

No I no longer offer the service. The eyebrow extensions did not last as long as either me or the client would have liked for the amount of time and money and training that was put into it. It's especially difficult with oily skin clients they don't last but a week if that.

Wow! that's a bummer! thanks for your honest and valuable feedback, will steer clear of this path:-)


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