Hi! Anyone doing eyelash extensions as a service? If so, what do you charge for a full-set, maintenance (fill-ins) and removal? What line are you using and are you satisfied?


Thanks in advance, a

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Annette, in my area (Denver) a full set is between $150 - $300

and a fill in is $45 - 50

I am getting ready to become certified with eyelash extensions ... do you have a preference of companies?  There are many and new ones are popping up every day ! 



Hi Sharie, your full-set application prices are similar to what is being offered in Durham, NC, but a fill-in starts at $75. I've learned how to apply lashes shadowing an esthetician who then shadowed my work, but eventually became NovaLash certified since Extreme Lashes was out of my price range. Good Luck!


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