Ok, so i have an issue that im not sure what to do about... I have a mom and her 6yr old daughter coming in for a facial...kind of a "mommy and me" spa day.. I have no clue what to use on a 6 yr old, if anything...i am a new esty, so any advice would be greatly appreciated...HELP!!! Lol

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Is the facial for the 6 year old 60 minutes??   It's a long time for a 6 year old to lie there so hopefully it will be only like a 20 minute facial.  Maybe a very gentle cleanse with a bit of mild toner...a small massage with some nice scented lotion (they do tend to giggle through massages as they say it tickles!!)  A nice masque that is strawberry scented or chocolate (CVS do the chocolate ones! in single sachets) I know it is an over the counter product from CVS...but will the little one or her Mum be looking for retail products  to take home with her?  I doubt it!!!  

Don't over think the 6 year olds facial too much.  Doubt she will be leaving a review on 'Yelp'...just make sure the products are gentle with no abrasive scrubs or steam and make it fun for her.  (unless she is a total 6 year old Diva....then I will pray for you!!!) lol    Put little cucumbers on her eyes and tell her to eat them when you are done!  (joking!)

Thank you sooo much!!! Good idea for the mask!!! :-)

try a honey and cocoa powder mask....  she may lick it off....

I was in this situation with a 9 year old.  I told the mom it would be a 30 minute facial, as there would be no extractions or exfoliaton.  I used a gentle cleanser, did a face massage, a gentle mask and gave her a hand/arm massage.  She loved it and felt so special.   

Cute let us know how it goes!!

How cute! Sounds nice. I have done facials (for fun) on my 10 and 12 year old daughters (they were 9 and 11 at the time). I do use the steam (but way away from their face...where they can feel it a little still). I used a gentle cleanser, gentle mask (one time i smashed an avocado up and used that for the mask), then facial massage with a facial massage cream. Everything turned out great and they LOVE it!! (they are due for another one, they have informed me!) 

I will be doing a spa party for the girls and their friends next month, but will not be doing the mask, basically a little steam, lotion, and face massage. :)

Thank you all for the great advice.. I will let you know how it goes!! :-)


You will create memories. Make her remember fer first "facial".For cleansing I will use your cleanse for sensitive skin. I would mix cocoa with honey and maple syrup -sugar free with distilled water,as a mask.

Ask her mom's permission to take pictures with mask on and email them . The girl will show them to all her friends and she will talk about her "spa day " for at least a week. I know it!

If you download my book "Skin and Beauty Wisdom " from www.amazon.com ,you will see what I am talking about.Tell her to take few deep breaths before the "massage " and do not encourage chatting. She has to feel the beauty of your service. Do it with love and she will be yours with all her friends.

Agreeing with the others about sensitive products, but especially with the memory making-her day with mommy! It may be more special than any one realizes! It's also a great oppurtunity to talk a little about how important skin care is, and will come better from you than the mother, sometimes! Enjoy it, you may get alot more by word of mouth from them!



I guess I am in the minority here...I would not do a facial on a 6 yr old.

I know it's all about the "fun", but I do professional skin care not parties.

There were those kiddie spa places popping up for awhile - I don't see any still in business.

I would definitely do a min-facial for a young girl a little bit older, pre-teen would make the most sense. At least at that point they are starting to take care of themselves and would have more interest in skin care.

Even if it meant the mom wouldn't come back?  For me, it's all about the mom, not the child.  If it would mean I would gain a regular client in the mom, I indulged her by giving her daughter a little pampering as well.  Plus they paid for it. 

I kind of agree. I don't do facials on anyone younger than 12.


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