im looking for a good facial massage cream. My clients really enjoy that part of their facial. I need it to be good for their skin and not clog pores but also have a good slip. I'm finding regular serums and moisturizers seep right causing me to have to use more product and it becomes costly. Thanks

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Le Meiux has a really nice pomegranate massage cream. And I've used their o2calming gel on customers with oily skin or a combo of the 2

I have found that if I just add a bit of water to my hands the slip returns without having to add additional product.

Bon vital facial massage creme. best slip, non reactive & good ingredients... i wouldn't do facials without it!

Hi Cathy,

I am an esthetic student ,do you any issues with breakouts of organic coconut oil? I have some at home but read online that some people breakout and that it clogs pores.

Eve Taylor oils...they are pricey but SO worth it! There blends for each skin type, even one for acne-prone skin so that you'll never have too heavy of an oil on someone.

I use ET as well; and they also have a body oil which I use on the shoulders and décolleté

I used Rhonda Allison Grapeseed Hydrating serum and also using Bio Elements Hazelnut Oil. Very happy with both. 

I don't use dermalogica, but they have a water based massage cream that is great, not clogging but is pretty pricy. It hold slip and glide for at least twenty minutes...Just warm it with warm towels..

Rhonda Allison Grape-seed, EFA or Hydra Complex Serums. And I honestly love the facial massage cream by Hydropeptide (smells so good).

Yg labs orange cleansing soufflé, it has great slip and doesn't clog pores and is very cost effective. I've been using it for facial massage for years.

Hi Emily,

You should look at my Hydrating Cream Mask. You will find it to be extremely nourishing and hydrating, with great slip. A little bit goes a long way and I am sure that you and your clients would just love it!  It is suitable for all skin types. 

You can find a wealth of information on my website,  

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or be of assistance in any way.

Best regards,

Michele Corley


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