im looking for a good facial massage cream. My clients really enjoy that part of their facial. I need it to be good for their skin and not clog pores but also have a good slip. I'm finding regular serums and moisturizers seep right causing me to have to use more product and it becomes costly. Thanks

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I use non-comedogenic apricot kernel oil with a few drops of Rhonda Allison Antioxidant Complex Serum and Hydra Complex Serum.

Try finding some organic Coconut or Jojoba oil. Both are very unlikely to clog pores and provide fantastic slip, as well as nourish the skin. I always find massage creams sink into the skin too much during the length of a facial massage. 

I use rosehip oil & jojoba oil. Rosehip is great because it's a dry oil and a 2 on the comedogenic scale.

Use Solvaderm brand products which are clinically researched and also recommended by dermatologists.

I use grapeseed oil for my facial massage. I buy it in bulk from Bon Vital.


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