Find out more about California's proposed new Master Esthetician license!

"Skin care technology is moving at light speed, and the education community needs to catch up. Consumers are demanding newer, more sophisticated procedures that provide validated results. What was considered revolutionary skin care 35 years ago (when current esthetician regulation was enacted in California) looks incredibly different today. We need estheticians to have adequate training and time to perfect their skills so that consumers can be treated safely.

Other states have recognized that there is a need for a separate license for those desiring to perform more than basic esthetician services. While we understand that numerous estheticians will continue to focus on basic treatments such as facials and waxing, there are also estheticians who wish to provide more sophisticated treatments such as advanced exfoliation techniques that require more detailed skin assessment, cosmetic chemistry, ingredient knowledge, product interaction, skin pathology recognition, contraindication knowledge and, most importantly, supervised, hands-on experience. Both Utah and Virginia (and most recently Washington) have created a separate Master Esthetician license to make sure that a higher level of learning, training and experience is required to provide those services.

AB1153 creates a separate scope of practice for each type of esthetic license, making it clear what services each licensee may provide. The Master Esthetician license has an expanded, permitted scope including skin services for the total body, the use of disposable lancets and more complicated skin assessment and exfoliation services. Currently, licensed estheticians will have pathways to obtain the Master credential outside of returning to school to obtain additional education.

Join the California Coalition for Advanced Skin Care Education for a free webinar that will explain more about the coalition and the new proposed legislation for the Master Esthetician license in the state of California."

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Exciting! Looking forward to the webinar =)


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