A real “myth buster” - wow! It’s kind of a long article, but a real “page turner” that was worth every word to me. And my “Super Scientist” brother (lol) confirmed every word of it — though he didn’t know the funny thing about FDA approval, or that an entire industry was claiming that NASA developed the LED (they didn’t!). Just a great read.

LED Skin Care Technology and Mythology: The Half-Truth & Folklore

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Wow!  You're not kidding!  I'm really looking forward to "studying" this article as my ADD brain can't just read an article like this.  The spa I work at encourages this technology and some of the esties are selling this service.  I can't sell anything I don't know well or believe in and while I do believe in this technology, it's been hard to determine the truth from the fodder.  thanks Julie!

Yes, Betty! A truly great article that turns long-held beliefs on its side! And while it was written by the staff at Dermawave (a great company!), to their credit, they don't mention their own products in the piece! I've also spoken with them personally and it's so obvious they know what they're talking about. They answer any question without hesitating. You don't even have to buy anything from them (though I did as their equipment was used in a high-end "destination spa" where I was co-director for some time). And, like I said, all of the tech information in the article was confirmed by my "Super Science" brother! Best in your Esty endeavors, Betty. :-)

Just noticed they slightly "resequenced" the article to make it just a little easier to follow. As it turns out, the article is now being used by educators at Esty schools. They should have sold it as a book - LOL!

I finally got through the article.  This type of read is brain-numbing when lengthy but I'm interested so I fought my way through.  I found it interesting how using a blue and red light cancels out the effects. I was using red on one side of the face and blue on the other and then swapped them in order to address both redness and acne.  This doesn't work?  The spa I work at chose the lights for us.  I basically cross my fingers hoping these are "serious" lights and not the colored bulbs the article mentioned.  I guess I could send Dermawave these questions.

Hi, Betty - Using a red on one side of the face and blue on the other is fine. In fact that's the procedure for Dermawave's smaller wand systems. The problem is when two wavelengths are delivered from the same head or panel at the same time at any brightness level. I don't know whether the heads you're specifically using are actual pro quality or not. Like the article said, many have long been using consumer LEDs. Hope this helps!


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