Galvanic or high frequency-which is better for product penetration?

I am a new Esty and am not real sure which of these is better...My teacher never went over it except a brief description and I am a little confused. I am using the acne sparking gap after extractions, galvanic for desincrustation, and the spoon HF electrode to penetrate serums and such. I know not to use anything with alchohol in it, but really wish I had a better understanding of these. I would appreciate any thoughts or wisdom!! Thanks!!

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I agree with Nondy, what I did find when I wrote the guide to equipment is galvanic really works on different levels with the chemical reaction of the water based product and the ph of the skin and the product working in synergy. It really is one of the best pieces of equipment to own. I can do some great cellulite treatments with it as well.

Is the available to read/purchase or on line?

I am not sure if it is on kindle yet. You can go to amazon and search by my last name Schmaling and see if it comes up. If not let me know, I can get one from the publisher. Thanks for asking. Send me your email and I can get info (studies etc) to you.

Hi..I would like some of this detailed info on galvanic as well..the education in esthetic schools is really so so.

Hi Susanne,
I'm starting to decide to purchase a galvanic and high frequency machine and I'm a little nervous about which one I buy. Is there a certain voltage or amps I should look for in the machine? I see a lot of machines out there and I'm reluctant to get "taken" in either direction.

Hi Marcia,

It is really hard deciding what to buy. The good news is that the technology is very basic so it is hard to go wrong. Just make sure the equipment is CE/UL listed for safety. I have been shocked a couple of times (minor) from machines coming from Asia that were poorly made and had no ground in the design. You should be able to get both very inexpensively. I do have a favorite galvanic machine but can't really promote one manufacturer over another so feel free to email me.

Hope that helps a little.

Dear girlfriends, please don't hate me. I am speaking from the bottom of my heart. You guys have it all wrong. I don't even know where to start doing correction. Please don't take this post on the wrong way, I am not bashing or trying to stand out. I am just being sincere.

Would you please clarify what is "all wrong"? no worries about bashing if we are talking about the scientific basics, what works though is a matter of opinion and experience. If we cannot talk about our industry and techniques in an open and honest way we will never truly become a strong profession.

LOL!!  A drive-by!

Well - at least she did it from the bottom of her heart! LOL


Galvanic (Iontophoresis- positive polarity on the skin) for product penetration, and a skin scrubber can be used to do this as well.

Good luck!


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