Five years ago I worked at a Holistic & Wellness spa for a year.  I was quite successful and loved it.  It's a long story but I went into the Nursing field after my skincare career. I miss the Skincare Industry and want to pursue my true passion, but I'm concerned with the fact that I've been out of the Industry for quite some time.  Any advice?

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Take classes!  If manufacturers don't offer skincare classes in your area (they are rare in my city), consider traveling to a skincare show and go to every class you can fit into your schedule.  I have observed that the majority of manufacturer classes are taught at the level that can be understood by estheticians with 6mo-1yr of work experience, and that usually manufacturers cover a lot of the same skin basics (skin structure, activity of different ingredients on different parts of the skin, etc.).  You'll also catch up on new ingredients and techniques.

Thanks so much!!  


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