How many of you wear gloves when doing a facial?   I am not looking for the right or wrong answer here, I am just curious as to how many do or don't.  I apologize if this question has been asked before on here ( I looked but didn't see)

Curious mind seeks answers...  :)

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I won't put them on until I start chem peel or extractions-I have been very glove resistant! being a LMT for 13 years, I'm all for skin-skin contact. I had to put them on one time during a back massage-my hands were being torn up by male back stubble-he shaves for bodybuilding shows. He didn't hear me say why I had to stop and restart with the glove and unfortuneately he thought I did it because he had bad acne-so I just explained it wasn't that at all, the bristle was burning my hands.

I have asked my clients how they feel and no one said they were obnoxious-so I guess it's just me!


Thanks Deborah for taking the time to respond!  :)

I don't use gloves except for microdermabrasion, the peel application if I'm using gauze to apply and extractions.  I have also worn gloves to cleanse the few times I've worked on someone with acne that's bleeding or seeping. 

I only use gloves during extractions and peel application as well.  I prefer the skin to skin contact, I just think it feels better for the client.   And I can feel things on their skin easier. 

Thanks @Nicole and @Jodi

I wear gloves through all of my services. I have never had anyone complain about the feeling of the gloves. I decided to start using them to protect myself. I even use them while changing the bedding. It might be overly cautious, but I would rather be safe. Plus, the product line I use (Image) absorbs into my own skin when using it since it is highly concentrated, so in an effort to keep the product on the client's skin and to protect myself from bacteria and viruses, I opt for gloves.

I always use gloves for microderm treatments and have used gloves on hiv clients while doing extractions.  If the client is bleeding heavily I do use gloves because they themselves may not know if they are infectious.  I also have tried to use gloves while preforming brazillian wax on men, however the wax sticks to the gloves making the treatment very difficult.  I find that I need to feel skin with my fingertips to really tell the condition so I prefer not to use gloves if possible.

when I first started facials, I did and everyone asked "are you wearing gloves?"  So now,I only wear gloves during a chemical peel.  I think clients prefer no gloves.  Diana S. nv.

Hello Ladies,  I have been using vinyl gloves for over 13 years now.  I love it because it is very sanitary and we all know how important that is.  My clients enjoy gloves too because they know how important it is to be sanitary and they never mind my using them.  I definitely recommend.  By the way anyone using NeriumAD as part of your treatment?  

I always wear gloves. I use Nitrile, so no risk of allergy to latex for anybody. I put the gloves on just before cleansing and take them off right after sunscreen application. I do apply eye cream with bare fingers, though...


Thanks everybody!!  :)


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