Is there anyone that works or has worked at a Hand & Stone?? I just started working at H&S. The one I work at has been open for a little over 2 weeks.  It's been slow. So far iv'e done about 4 Clients in total. I am currently looking for another job during the day, Since I work Nights at H&S. This is my first Esthy Job. I got my license in May So I am new to the Spa world and a little nervous. See More

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Hang in there! It can take up to a year to get a good clientele base! Think of ways to market yourself and go out and do them! Try and come up with 10 different ways to market yourself. I am returning from maternity leave and it's like starting all over again.

Amy Thank you for Responding :) I have tried a few Marketing ways, But looks like I will have to try different one's. I am also trying to memorize the Protocols so I won't have to keep referring to them When I have a Client. 

I find putting abbreviated protocols on a 3x5 index card(s) to keep in my pocket helpful. To remember the order of the procedures until they become second nature. (and I only pull it out when I've covered client's

Hi Myriam!  I have worked at a H&S for over 3 1/2 years. You have asked a very loaded question for which there is no "one size fits all answer" I will invite you to be my "friend" & if you like we can converse that way.  It's not that I mean to be elusive,  it's just that I would prefer to customize my response to you & your specific situation without stirring up a bunch of stuff on this forum.

It's slow season... everywhere. It will get better:)

Yea I figured! I am staying Positive :)

Back to school season stinks. It will pick up!



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