Having your own spa business and a part time job in the field at the same time...dilemma?

Hey everybody, so this post is mainly for feedback for purposes. I'm having a little bit of a dilemma, and I would love to hear what other etsy's or business owners who have gone through this, or are going through this have to say...

As I've posted before, I am starting my own small spa business doing treatments on my own..I plan to gain more clientele and just really get this going so I can eventually make this business huge and own my own full upscale day spa, yes I'm a little girl with big dreams and determined to make them happen....however, as we all know making a business happen, and actually getting the income takes quite some time, I don't expect to start making the money as soon as I start having clients.

Now of course I have lots of other bills to pay too, I am 24 with my own apartment, car, food, phone, life etc etc....I definitely need a part time job again on the side right now. It's just time.
The thing is...I obviously want to find a job in my field, doesn't necessarily have to be a spa, but somewhere dealing with skincare or make up, whatever...but working at a spa for even more experience woulddd really be ideal, however.. at the same time I feel like I'd kind of being competing with myself? And I just wonder if I went for an interview at a spa, now that I have my own spa business, would they all not want to hear that I have my own spa business? Would that be a no-no? At the same time I don't want to be totally dishonest, what if they find out anyway? I obviously wouldn't go taking their clients back to my business, that's deff a no-no although it would be a little bit hard not to tell the clients I have my own thing, I just know that's a line I shouldn't cross, at least until I leave eventually, and THEY choose to come to me..but how would the spa owners know and believe that....I know my true intentions, but how could they know...

Same question even if I apply at a place like Saks Fifth Avenue, or Sephora, somewhere that doesn't offer facials but does skincare..where do I draw the line in the interviews when it comes to speaking about having a business? I'd figure in a setting like this, it would be a good thing for them to hear, but maybe not..

I had an interview at a spa over a year ago, when I was still in school, it was for a receptionist job with the possibility of eventually moving up and doing treatments once I finish school, I mentioned starting my own business eventually, and I knew after I said that, before they could even respond, it maybe wasn't a good idea. And sure enough, they didn't like hearing that, they said they don't like hiring people who have or are starting their own business because then I wouldnt be bringing any clientele in, That I'd want to bring people I know/clientele to me instead, when I should be referring everyone I know to them....do all spa owners think like that? I mean it does make sense but at the same time, I've heard of plenty of etsy's with spa businesses that work at another spa part time too, and it works just fine for both the etsy with their own spa business and the spa they work at...so I'm wondering what did they do that I should be doing when it comes to actually getting a part time job elsewhere in the field again...I might just be over thinking this all, however I feel like its an important topic that's not often discussed..

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Wonderful! & Have a happy a new year! :)
Thank you! You too ;)


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