I have a 30 yr. old client with a bad case of hormonal acne. How often can I do a HF. treatment on her? Also, I guess I am "old school", and believed sparking was the best way to kill acne bacteria in a pimple. Is there another approach that would be more beneficial? I'd appreciate any imput...

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 I would think once a week maximum would be more than enough.

also you can place gauze over the area. that creates more ozone

no more the 5 mins on the area

good luck i love HF and i thing your client will too:)

Do I keep the gauze moist or dry?


you dont want the skin to be wet at all.

Thanks so much!

your very welcome i no your client will be pleased :)

you can also apply an O2 or benzoyl peroxide serum underneath the gauze.  Works nicely.

HF can be applied over any ampoule, serum or even a mask! If you choose to use a gauze, a damp one will help keep it in place. It really doesn't affect anything.  HF can be used daily if acne is very active. 


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