Do you have a home-based studio and own pets? Has this caused a problem with your clients, i.e., allergies, annoyed by something (hair, barking, chirping, etc)? Curious how you've been able to manage your pets and your business under the same roof!

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When I sold my big Day Spa that I had for 16 years, I put a room in my house while I was figuring out my next move. I have two King Charles Cavaliers. The clients that came to my house had all known me for many years. They fell in love with my dogs. Women dressed in business suits would be on the floor getting puppy hugs. They brought treats all the time. They said hi to the dogs before me!! When I moved into the Center I have now, the dogs couldn't come along and I actually had one client that was super upset and kept begging me to bring them. For my clients, it was part of the ambiance!


KCC's are one of my favorite breeds! Thank you for posting the picture. You bet I would be on the floor getting puppy hugs and kisses from them too!

I interviewed in a hair salon that did skin care and the owners brought their dogs in every day. 

Just to put this out there because I did all the research when we started our skin care product business in our house (having since moved to a facility). 

This is a good question and it legally needs to be researched per state as there are actual laws about particular business operations regarding general home operations and pets.  From my understanding, here in Florida there needs to be a separate entrance in the home, leading to the treatment room.  We were required to have a complete separate entrance to the home and procedures in place for proper separation and sanitation.  This issue seems to be the same for all types of businesses. 

Hope this helps.

Yes- this is true in all cases, that one much follow the rules and regulations based on each individual state and the zoning regulations in the particular city/county you're living in. Thank you for pointing that out!

No problems whatsoever.  In Arizona you have to have a seperate entrance with the rest of the house blocked off.  My dog is kept very separate.  I am a huge animal lover, but I do not believe pets belong in any salon.  It is not aesthetic and here you can be fined or lose your license.  Great question.

I totally agree.  I loved the dogs, petted them during the interview and such, but thought it was quite odd they were there.  Granted they were confined to the office, not out walking the salon floor, but still odd. 

In Ohio pets are not allowed at all which to me is ok because many people have allergies to animals or they just don't feel they belong in places like salons.

I have 2 mostly indoor cats in my home, and since my skin care studio is based in my home, and a separate entrance is not required here, it does mean if a client were to come in who is very allergic to cats, it's possible just walking through the front door to the spa door could cause them an allergic reaction. The spa itself has a door which I keep closed and the kitties aren't allowed. I do let clients know there are 2 house cats prior to their appointments, just so that there aren't any surprises and they have been told up-front. I also am very careful to keep everything very clean and tidy, no clumps of cat hair, ewww....As a client I would certainly be turned off by that and probably wonder what else isn't being kept clean?!

Home based studio's tend to me a little more relaxed than a spa/salon setting by their very nature, but we still have to be careful to not forget this is our business and these are our clients and keep things professional :)

While working at a spa in Palm Beach, Florida a guest brought her dog with her while she had her manicure. Board of cosmetology walked in and gave the spa a fine! This wasn't a seeing eye dog, which if it is the owner will have proper paperwork to show an inspector or management of the facility. 

Trust me I love animals, currently have 4 dogs, 5 cats, 2 guinea pigs and we hand feed ducks in our backyard but  in the spa.....have to say adorable as they are they due pose a breach in sanitation, health and risk hazards. 

Excellent reminder Denise! A hairstylist I used to see had purchased her own salon, and brought in her very small dog everyday. She would sit on the clients laps, and entertain the kids that came in (luckily she seemed good with kids). However, even then I wondered how this was legal? The last couple times I went there, there was a second very large dog too, and they were both just freely roaming around...Even though I am an animal lover as well, it just didn't seem sanitary to me either. 

I've also been to B&B's where a spa was attached, with 'house' dogs and cats living there. The spa was in a different room, but under the same roof. Interesting subject to contemplate the legal aspects (what if a pet injures a client?!) and licensing issues.

I have two Miniature Dachshund which we love and so do my clients. I run a homebase skin care also and rent part time in a salon so far everyone has loved the dogs there so mellow and don't bother anyone but I do have a separtate building from my home that I have my salon in. They are not allowed in my spa.


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