Hello everyone!  When starting a client on a peel series, what is the homecare protocol in between the first 3 peels?  Do they follow the post peel routine?  Also, the day of the peel should they change their normal AM routine and not use any of the exfoliating products?



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Erin, which peel are you doing? Each one follows it's own protocol with cleanser, exfoliator, toner, and moisturizer.

Hi Erin:

During the first 3 weeks I do not have them adjust their homecare unless irritation is evident.  Adjust homecare based on your client's tolerance.  The first two peels (glycolic and lactic) are light and I don't feel you need to adjust; however, when I apply the TCA in Week 4, then yes, I do have them discontinue homecare until their skin has healed.

Thanks for clarifying (and so quickly!)  :) 

Should they still be using the retinol scrub during the homecare or should they wait for a few days...then continue with the retinol scrub...

Hi Tracy:

If it's a glycolic or lactic peel, I have them continue with the homecare.  However, if its the TCA or cranberry turnover salicylic, I have them stop exfoliants (including the retinol scrub) during the peel process.  Once their skin has healed, I ask them to resume exfoliants at home. 


I'm so scared they are going to become overly exfoliated and sensitive...I'm telling clients to wait 4 days then use the scrub once...I probably need to have them be a little more aggressive..

Tracy:  Go with your thought process.  You know their skin better than I.  I think its a conversation between you and your client on how much they can handle/tolerate.

Lisa, would that apply for even acne? Or would you just take out their treatment products and have them use the cucumber toner instead?

Desiree:  If they are physically peeling, then yes take out their treatment products and have them use a gentle cleanser, cucumber toner and moisturizer.  Otherwise, if its the lighter lactic or glycolic and they aren't experiencing full peeling, then I have them continue with regular homecare.  I hope this makes sense. 

The bottom line is that I don't exfoliate peeling skin.  However, the glycolic and lactic peel at a microscopic rate and I feel I can continue with the regular homecare.


Yes it does make sense! Thank you!

I have a similar question. When you are recommending a peel series and prescribing home care, are you having them buy the pre/post peel kit or a home care kit geared towards their skin type?

Tara:  Yes, I prefer to customize their homecare based on their type of skin (dry, normal, oily) and then I customize based on sensitivity as well.  That means I adjust the amount of exfoliation if they are sensitive.

The pre/post peel kit is aggressive and may not fit sensitive skin type, or dry skin types.  So, yes, I prefer to customize all the time. 

I do love my brochure on pre/post peel because it helps them understand the peels they are receiving and how to adjust homecare afterwards.


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