I'm in school currently and I love skin care, and Im familiar with a lot of the skin care lines.. but I know their are TONS. How did you pick your skin care lines besides what is offered at your salon? Was it just trial and error? 

I know entering a salon you don't have much control over what lines they carry, but Im curious on how you found the lines you like? Im not a fan of BioElements and Image.. I know A LOT of salons carry them, but I want something more aggressive.. 

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Image can certainly be aggressive, depending on how you prep the skin, what the home care prescription is (and how well they are following it), and how you choose to pretreat before the peels.

One consideration in choosing a line is the number of products. There are some longstanding lines (decleor, sothys, pevonia, babor) that are great lines, but they just add and add products, and wind up with a lot of duplication, which gets expensive because clients expect you to have each item in stock at all times. However there are also lines with too few choices, where you would have to supplement. My personal ideal is 55-75 good formulas, including backbar. Lines of that size have given me the tools I need to address every client. It sounds like a lot, but I really appreciate having skin type specific home exfoliants and masks, and a couple of serums per skin concern.
I can only use O2 facial , signature, ormedic and acne because of ph and acid levels in my state
Starting out in my own business - do you think these four would be appropriate to just use those 4? I really like the line

I had a long list of what I wanted. Starting with you can't buy it online, simple ingredients, gluten, dairy, and nut free, doesn't have a bazillion products, takes into account the environment of where I live, and it cannot break me out or turn me bright red, has a professional line and a retail line, doesn't cost me an arm and a leg, has a real person to answer the phone, has good training, has a full ingredients list, etc. Etc.

The best way is to try them, look around, ask people, and trade shows!  I found mine only after another Esty on here pointed me in the right direction!

Ooh now I'm curious...

Lol while it's not perfect, I use botanical science. It's close enough.

Cool, I think I obtained a login for them but haven't looked closely yet.

It's a wonderful line. I was skeptical at first myself, as I usually am.  I do use a product formulation of ingredients I get from mountain rose herbs and aromaland for clients who have gluten, nut, and phathalate allergies.  Also fragrance and preservative allergies.    I would recommend calling BS they will send you FREE samples to try. WONDERFUL stuff!

I find it not effective

What is Botanical Science web site?

What do you use

Which line did you go with?


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