I'm in school currently and I love skin care, and Im familiar with a lot of the skin care lines.. but I know their are TONS. How did you pick your skin care lines besides what is offered at your salon? Was it just trial and error? 

I know entering a salon you don't have much control over what lines they carry, but Im curious on how you found the lines you like? Im not a fan of BioElements and Image.. I know A LOT of salons carry them, but I want something more aggressive.. 

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Best acne line
Did you ever use Image
in a non medical setting?

Hi Tina,

The best acne line FACE REALITY.  www.facerealityacneclinic.com 

Hi Cheryl,

Ask for some samples from Tecniche.com

I love DermAware, but they do use parabens; so that is something to consider as many clients are scared of them.

Hi Erin. I just joined this site! I am also a student and graduate in May. We use Murad and Glo Therapeutics at our school here. I love the Glo line, and they also have make up. I have enjoyed working with this product line and clients look great after a facial. They have a very informative knowledge manual too that goes into great depth. I am also a RN and hope to work at a Med Spa upon graduating but I also want to set up a home spa for facials and lash extensions. Look into the Glo line, we all love it here, and it smells good too which the clients always comment on.

I use Nelly DeVurst.  You see results and customers want to actually buy the product and maintain too.

Also Skin Scripts is new but great products.  You see results too.

When you see results you always know that is a product to use.

That way your clients are happy to



If you want something aggressive you have to go with an acid based line. (i.e. AHA or BHA)

All other skin care ingredients are moisturizing in some way and or help deal with forward progress and cannot truly help with damage which has already been done.  Think of the skin as an elevator which brings new corneocytes from the basement to the roof.  And in doing so protects the body from the outside elements and more importantly keeping H2O in...

With that said, what lines contain the right amount of acid and base their formulations on the above mentioned understanding? Also, if you have not experienced pigmentation on top of pigmentation then you may have not experienced how amazing it is to watch a patch of pigmented skin change shape as you go through the layers of the skin and increase the rate of healing and new skin.  I use the term "New Skin' very gingerly since the rate of the path of a cell from basement layer to corneocyte cannot be changed but as a process over time you can see the difference.

I don't think I gave you a direct answer but I don't think there is one.  I can tell you that I know the Image line from the back end and feel they are more of a marketing company but at the same time their success can not be counted as a negative thing either.

If you like you can always contact me outside this www and I can send you samples of a product that will give you an AHA peel over a two week period that is very aggressive but will give you the ability to control the peel by diluting the product or stopping all together.

In closing, try this way of thinking:  Aggressive equals damage to the skin thus the need to repair and heal with new skin / Non-Aggressive equals moisturizing and adding water or cream or serum to skin.

What ingredients accomplish these goals?

Marty Glenn



My 2 Cents. :)

I have spoken at a few schools and one thing I can tell you is that ANY line that is at a school is normally not aggressive and falls way short of the descriptive word: "Aggressive"

I just have not seen the necessary ingredients within a school line to tell me otherwise.  The two you mentioned might be great but a schools insurance normally will not allow the students to use a line that could really be called "aggressive". 

Aggressive to me means that the line has the ability to administer an AHA or BHA peel over time and make changes to the skin through a forced skin cell sloughing action. (i.e. damage to the upper most layers of the skin).  The more aggressive the line is the deeper it can go.

Marty Glenn


Look for results, support, education, values, and purely professional.  That's why GLYMED PLUS is a great choice.  Its also important to me that the CEO is in fact an Esthetician, who has practiced and who stands up for all our rights.  Christine Heathman, CEO of GlyMed Plus has all the experience and expertise, she understands the Esthetician.  She supports our industry by making sure GlyMed Plus remains professional and does not end up at Ulta.  The wide range of home care and chemical peels makes treating all skin types and conditions easy!  



Everything you said is correct and I have studied Christine Heathman for some time.  She first caught my attention with her use of 'Master Esthetician' and I would like to say this:

An MD or plastic surgeon would be ranked ABOVE her, correct? Not taking anything away with what she does for the industry, if my memory is correct and your point is valid, she is an advocate in many ways for the industry but that does not always transfer to the products.

What I mean is I have formulated for Drs and advised them and they know how to cut skin and sew it back up, but long term skin health is not on the high priority list.  Just because a person is all that you mentioned, and I do respect it, does not mean lower profits and correct formulations are produced.

The only reason I even commented on your post, and I thought hard before I did, is because I know that there are new esties here and they need to hear an apposing view point.  One that is of course respectful but at the same time gives food for thought in the opposite direction.

Anybody, and I mean anybody can go to a lab and produce skin care, buy an advertisement in a magazine, say just about whatever they like, and claim just about what ever they like. I know that does not seem correct or believable but I can assure you it is correct.

Allow me to give some proof.... :))

Go to the link below.  Read from start to finish and please make sure you click all the links within the article:


I use this as a tool during education to give Esties a true idea on the industry and how it works so that they may understand the correct way to view skin care and which lines they should consider using.  Its not a perfect answer but I always say, "I hope this helps you".

Marty Glenn


They require minimum orders
Thank you Marty for the information. Have you heard of Theraderm made by Therapon. It is the line I personally use and sell. It's a physician line and it's a simple four step system ski care line. The enzyme peel is amazing please let me know your thoughts.


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