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I started as a make-up artists over 30 years ago, and fell in love with the skin care aspect. After doing make-up for a few years, I decided to study to become an esthetician and never lost my passion for good skin care. There is something very satisfying in transforming someone's skin and providing well-being at the same time. 

Love it! Thank you for your reply, Trudy. 

Hi, my mom suggested to me for years about becoming an Aesthetician. I finally decided in 2008 to go for it and it has been the best choice I ever made. I'm very passionate about what I do and is a very satisfying feeling to know that I've helped my clients improve their lives, by providing the best service possible for their specific needs.

That's great, Barbara. So glad you found your passion! 

When I was about 15 I developed very oily skin.  I was loaded with blackheads.  Mostly in the T zone but also under my cheekbones above the jaw.  I lived in an upscale area of Long Island.   This was about 1982.   Someone recommended I see a Russian  esthetician named Mila,  who had space inside a dermatologist office, prior to microdermabrasion and chemical peels, hit the market.  So her facials consisted the basics; cleanse, tone, enzyme , steam, extractions, light massage and mask.  It cost $45.  I was hooked.  My skin felt clean and refreshed and looked clearer for weeks.  Unfortunately, 2-3 weeks later, the congestion always started to rebuild.  So I made an appointment with her every time I saved enough babysitting money, maybe every 4-6 weeks.  Fortunately, she was walking distance from my house.  She knew I didn't have a lot of money to spend, so she would fill little plastic bottles with cleanser, toner and a light oil free moisturizer. I would tip her $10.  I went to her for years until I graduated college and moved away. 

Today I am 50 years old. Still very oily, I still get many comedones and need to extract regularly.  Thankfully now there are so many wonderful treatments available on the market to help keep my skin clear and balanced.  A small percentage of Retin A works wonders!  I did go to college, got my bachelors degree, but followed my instincts and passion went to esthetic and cosmetology school.  At the time I lived in Los Angeles, and got involved doing make up for film and television, but skincare is my passion, so I focused on growing that part of my profession. Today I live in South Florida.  With all the sun damaged clients here, there are plenty of customers. I love working personally with people, and have developed close relationships with many of my clients.  Its very rewarding that they achieve the results they want and trust me so much, whether it with their skin, lashes, eyebrows, or bikini area.  I absolutely love what I do.  Though I do not work in a medical office, I do take advanced classes whenever they're available. It's very important to stay knowledgeable in this forever growing industry  Most of my clients go to plastic surgeons for Botox, filler, facelifts, but I am their go to girl when it comes to caring for their epidermis, and I do a great deal of pampering as well.

I do wish I could find Mila. I'm not sure I'd have chosen this profession if she didn't make such a positive impact on my life Thank you Mila, wherever you are..

I struggled with acne when I was younger. I struggled for about 15 years. I've been able to control it with dietary changes, herbs and proper skin care. I actually use to work for a law firm for quite a few years, but my boss wanted to retire. He gave everyone a two year heads up so it got me thinking "what do I REALLY want to do?" When I first started school, I originally wanted to do facials to help people struggling with acne and I hated I don't do facials at all and I love waxing! lol I opened up my own waxing studio ( HERE if anyone is interested ) and now I do mostly eyebrows and Brazilians :-) I love what I do! I had a client today literally scream after she saw her new brows in the mirror because she was so happy! 

I was in the television and live event industry and traveled quite a bit.  I always saved my per diem and when I had a day off, I would go to a spa and have a treatment.  I was having a facial in Las Vegas and I started talking to the esthetician, I told her she must love her job, she got to make people feel good and look good.  She said she did, she was happy and she loved coming to work every day.  I flew home the next day and told my then boyfriend (now husband) about this conversation and he asked if I wanted to do that.  I said "I think I do."  It took a year to find the right school, work the jobs I had committed to, and phase some things out, but in 2012 I got my esthetics license.  I'll admit, it hasn't been easy, but I do love this industry and I continue to learn new things to share with my clients on a daily basis.  


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