How do you handle trades or services with fellow employees

Now that we have 4 of us working in my new spa, I am wondering how to handle trading services amongst each other and with friends and family.

I had a plan written out in our Handbook, but in practice its not working the way I thought it would.

Employees:  How is it handled where you work?  DO you think its fair?

Employers:  What guidelines did you set up and how is it working for you?

Today I had a massage from my MT.  90 min hot stone (wow, wonderful!).  Since we weren't gonna trade, I just did it off the books and paid her cash, personally.  I calculated the amount the treatment would have been and paid her what her commission would have been on that service (plus a little extra).  

I don't imagine this would be good to do when employees are doing services on each other, though.

Also, wondering what any of you have in your Handbooks/ Rules and regs with regard to services for family/close friends?  


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Hi Nicole where I work we can trade as long as we do out of business hours like in our day off and so far is not been that fair because I done facials for some coworkers never got my massage lol you should do things very clear with everyone and make sure is follow that way or will create problems at the end I also heard that my employers offer facials to some of the front desk employee they can have a facial in their day off but they pay some amount for the product only. Hope that helps somehow :)

Yes, I tag on an extra $0.65/hour in credit towards services for my non-service-provider staff.  I do not charge a materials fee when they redeem.  And since they are hourly, of course they do need to redeem on their day off.  

I encourage trade between my employees as long as they book it pretty close to the actual appointment time - i.e., if they book it 3 weeks in advance, they probably lose a client, but if they have a free hour and book it the day before, it's fine with me.  I don't charge a materials fee for employees to trade between themselves, but I do charge a materials fee when service providers want to give a service to a family member.  From what I can tell, everyone feels it's fair.  My one employee who frequently gives acne treatments to family members decided a while ago that she felt $20 was more fair than my stated $15 for use of the room/supplies/equipment, so I suppose nobody is complaining.

 I just did it off the books and paid her cash, personally

Bad precedent.  Now every employee thinks it's ok to do massages for friends and family "off the books". "Do as I say, not as I do" will piss folks off pretty fast.

We have an employee discount for products (20%)  and services (30%) and an employee discount for products (30%) and services (50%) -- all subject to time of day and day of week restrictions.  Everything goes through the books.

We do trades as part of coaching, training and education, but everyone gives and receives just as many with no $$ changing hands, not even tips.

I don't charge anybody I work with and request that they get facials and waxing from me only. That way they can talk about me to clients. 

Once in blue moon my MT and I will swap a 60 minute service.  I live 45 minutes from my office and would much rather pay for services that are closer to my home and I can relax because I am off.  I used to trade service with a hairstylist for years but as time went by she was really giving me unprofessional service (leaving me processing while she went to Peets coffee, the bank and then eating in the break room) when I would service her the same as a paying client.  I am over trading....that's just me :)


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