How do you talk to clients who are obviously not following your home-care advice?

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Before I sell them any product, I find out more about their lifestyle and preferences.  Each client is different.

Are they a busy mom with 3 toddlers? they probably have very little time and energy to even wash their face, let alone to do a masque or treatment, so I keep their routine simple.  

I also have clients who simply love to take care of their skin and love to purchase every new product I introduce.

For me is important to gain their trust as a lifetime client rather than push products on them, so I make sure whatever products I recommend fit their needs but also makes them truly happy to use every day.  If they love the way it smells/feels they will be more likely to do so! If they don't, I exchange it for something else.  But because I really take the time to find out what they like, they rarely do not use my recommendations. This builds trust overtime so they usually follow my advice.

In my opinion, if several clients are not using the products you recommend, maybe is time to switch lines or take a look at how you are coming across when you give them advice.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Victoria! :~)


I simply ask them if they are happy with the results they're getting.  If they say yes, then, it's hard to suggest much, however if they have issues, such as pigment or blackheads or acne, I won't act as if they aren't there.  I want to say, so you're happy with your pigment, blackheads or acne? but I don't.  I will remind them what I see under the mag lamp and that if or when it becomes an issue for them I strongly suggest Pro-Brand X because.... and I point out a benefit that may be meaningful to them which I learned through other conversations. Or I may say, "when you're done using Brand X. try Pro-Brand X and I mention a selling point or benefit.  

Great, thank you for your reply Betty! —Tara

Very true, Cathy. Thank you! —Tara

I'll take a shot at this... First draft ;)) This is not easy lol


The reflection in the mirror is what has happened over time and through neglect and we discussed your goals and what you expect. You are here seeking out professional advise and professional care.  You have come to the me but what is most important is for you to remember that over the last 5 or 10 years you have neglected your skin in the very same way. The products I have prescribed if not used will act the same as if you were using a non-professional product daily. The results will not be there for you.

What that means is that the care you have been giving your skin with sub standard products and lack of professional advise has allowed you to create the very reason you are here now with me.  You do want to reverse the signs of aging right?  The reason we are here is to increase the natural beauty within your skin and help reverse maybe some of those genetics that are locked within you as it relates to younger and more vibrant skin. Correct?

I only see you 2- 3 times a month but I think about you and your skin daily. What that means to me is that my efforts are not as great as to what you can accomplish with the professional products and professional advise that I am giving you if applied daily.  With that said, on a daily basis I am seeking out further education and learning to bring more advice and industry knowledge so that as we progress forward on your results and that you are receiving the very best from me. That is what you expect from me and are paying me for... correct?

With that said, can we discuss exactly what you do like and then lets talk about what you do not like so that we can address those concerns and get the results you and I looking for. Remember... I only see you 2 - 3 days a month so your job is to follow the products and advice I am giving and my job is to continue to look and seek out the best treatments and education so that the success of your skin care results are almost assured. We both have a job to do and that team work will not be nearly as successful if one member of the team slows down or does not follow through.

Now lets talk about what you love about your home care program and then please point out the results you are seeing that is making you happy...


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I would simply ask the client, have you accomplished your goal? Are you where you want to be with your skin? Their reply would most likely be no if they are not being diligent in their home care so then you would stress the importance of home care. If the client doesn't want to listen and isn't motivated to do their part then move your energies on to the next client who will be committed to home care. :)

Hi, how are you? ... and during the analysis I ask directly: What happened? Why did you not use the products as recommended? You had some adverse reactions? or you did not like them? Or you didn't had time? Usually they give you the real reason of not doing what they were supposed to do and you can go from their answer to modify the home care regimen.

A 10x mirror for them to see how they look for you under the mag lamp before and after treatment may help to convince them. Since I started doing that majority of my clients started paying attention to what happens to them 


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