Hello all. I hope everyone is well and busy as it begins to get warmer. I have a quick question re: the amount of time it "SHOULD" take to finish waxing a client...

I waxed legs, underarms and brazilian last night and it took me about an hour... is that normal? i was quick with the brazilian and the underarms but I felt like the legs was a long process because I was trying to get ever hair.

Also when I do a full brazilian wax I tend to take about 30 min. But I find that when the hair is longer I make take up to 45 min (I use a combo of hard and soft wax)

I really want to be quick, amazing at my job yet still personable. I don't want to be a "Vagina Factory" :)

Please help if you can. I am open to feedback, advise and ways to improve my speed while still making my clients feel like they are my #1 priority. 

Maybe i'm too chatty... LOL! 

Thanks... TLC

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NO, do not be a vagina factory!  you cannot believe how many of my clients dislike that! On average a Braz should take about 15 - 20 mins...legs do take longer and it all depends on the size of the client also.    Trying to get every hair when doing a leg wax is what they are there for.  If you left bits of hair they wouldn't come back.....they might as well shave at home.    Sounds like you are doing a good job and trying to be professional and thorough at the same time.   Sometimes i think i am too chatty, but that is my nature and one of the reasons clients return back to me.  If i was down by $150 a month due to being chatty, i might not get the same level of retention rate.  Retention rate is what makes me happy.

On average to do a full leg it takes me 25 mins.  If you made approx $150 an hour doing all of those services you are doing pretty good.    Speed picks up the more that you do...but always remember being personable is much nicer than 'your words' a Vagina factory!  I LIKE that! hahhh     The last place i would like to see this industry go is like the walk in nail factory places with little customer service and bad sanitation practices.   ALSO, if you are not double dipping (like you shouldn't be) it does take slightly longer.    

I learned a new phrase from this discussion and it is CRACKING ME UP! :)

Hello!!  How long a wax takes depends on each client.  I allow a little extra time for a first timer to ask questions, make them comfortable, and deal with shave coarse hair.  I allow 30 minutes for a brazilian maintenance.  Leg waxing depends on your choice of application.  If you are not using a cartridge system, GET ONE.... Half leg in ten and full leg in 20.  Be systematic in your application and it reduces your chances of missing hair.  If the hair is too long and takes more time, get a cordless trimmer.  This prevents hair breakage and keeps your time consistent as well as reduce pain.  I too have an issue being chatty.  I set a timer to keep me on schedule.  As long as all hair is removed to the best of your ability, You are fine!!!!

How do you make sure the hair does'nt get every where when you trim?  I am trying to get better and faster at brazilians.  I bought a video from smooth skin and they do not trim the hair they like it longer to wax but it takes me more time and I think it hurts more when the hair is longer. 

The only way to make sure hair doesn't get all over your room is to have your client trim themselves at home.  Which personally I don't recommend as they will most often trim too much, then you aren't able to gt all of the hair.

If you really want to trim in your room, there is no way to make sure the hair doesn't go everywhere when you trim.  That's why I don't trim.  If you are using hard wax, check out the video again to see the technique used when the hair is longer.  When you use this technique (for hard wax) you aren't causing any more irritation to your client, nor are you creating a huge pubic hair storm all over your room.

So I'm a bit confused, I have never used strip wax for a brazilian. I only use high quality hard wax, and wasn't all the fuss a few years ago in New Jersey because strip wax was being used? I know this takes longer but I always thought quality over quantity was better? Please don't take this comment the wrong way, I'm not criticizing, just asking. Thanks so much :)

You are right charlene. But soft can be used on the sides not the labia

Thank you everyone you offered their advise. It was so great getting the feedback and knowing that I am not the only one who does not want to the known as the "Vagina Factory" or a chatty waxer...

I bought a timer tonight so i am going to make sure I time myself. That way I can stay on schedule. 

And double dipping is a no-no at my place so thank goodness!

I w=hope I can keep asking questions here... because you guys are all great!

I personally am 100% against strip waxing on a brazilian!  It is too aggressive in this area.  I only strip wax body or if hair is too coarse, short, tons of in-growns, pregnant, or brittle hair, I use sugar paste.  I have seen way too many permanent injuries from past incidences.    

I need to remember this!  I want to get faster but I think sometimes I put to much focus on getting faster and it gets me flustered!  I don't get how a brazilian can get done in 7 to 10 minutes!

I agree with those yelp reviews. I just like to make sure my clients leave happy... even I chat them up...

I persoanlly think you done it in a good time frame. Legs is something that I think alot of Esti's take more time on. By getting every hair it shows you pay attention to details


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