just curious... and how long until you started booking enough to support your business and yourself? TIA.


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First week I made $50. Lol

I have only had family members and close friends.....I am only 3 months into my home business, but, it has been slower than I had hoped.  I am getting about 4 bookings per month tops.    Very depressing.   Lots of interest from people, but, they just don't book.   I have just gotten three people to commit to monthly, so, that is good news.   And since January 1st, I have actually made more than I have spent on products!   Keep thinking I should just shut it down and get a "real" job....even though everyone I talk to says it will take at least a year minimum to have a full book

aw so sorry Ann... I do have two jobs, so I'm thinking it may take some time to build up my clientele that's why I'm not quitting just yet. I'm not giving up!!! Maybe you can take a little part time and keep the home spa?

It can take some time to build clientele! Remember, everybody you meet is a potential client! I took me awhile to build up to livable status! haha! I think it took 3 years? maybe less.  It WILL get there! Hang in!

I agree... I am VERY positive about this new adventure, but then that's why I have not quit my day job yet... I know it's gonna take a while til I have bookings left and right. BTW, you made me feel better cus I made $75 on my first week (and has not finished yet - this week) lol yay!! :D

YAY!!! It will go great! Watch out! It will get crazy before you know it!

When I started about 7 years ago that was right when the economy took a dive.  So, that was actually a good thing (looking back).  I kept a 30 hour (3 day) a week job and worked 3 days as an esthetician where I paid part time to rent the space ($235 a mo.) in a salon.  I have to stay from day one I made enough to cover rent and supplies by the skin of my teeth.  Thank gosh I had my regular job to pay the bills.    I really did not like being in a salon but it did help to get my client base started.  Now I have been in my own space for about 5 years.  I have a great client base and work 4 days a week. I quit my other job about 3 years ago. I make good money at this point.  My best recommendation to you is to get your name out there.  What I mean is get yourself online.  Website is number one.  Plus every search engine out there Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc., have free business listings.  The more information you put on those listings with pictures and a link to your website gives you one more opportunity to let people know you exist.  Try typing in waxing, your city, your state and see what other local people come up.  You want to be one of those.    I remember having second thoughts along the way and thinking how it would be so much easier to just go back to a regular job.  I am so glad I stuck it out.  I love what I do and the positives outweigh the negatives all day long!  Hope that helps a little bit!

I took me 3 years to build a big enough book to feel confident to go solo.  I had about 75 clients when  I made the decision.  That may sound like a lot, but you always have to keep in mind how many are simple brow/lip wax clients.  I only took the jump when I had a respectable amount of REGULAR facial clients who were diligent about purchasing product.  You always take a risk when branching out, because you just never know who will follow.  Some are loyal to the salon you work for because they see other technicians there.  Distance and location can be make or break as well.  Alas, no risk no reward.  These are the moments in life that make you feel alive.  

True. Thank u so much for your response. Xoxo

I had about 300 contacts (client numbers and information), but only a few of them followed me over to my new space.  I was able to gain clients from the other people who worked in my building, but most of it has been word of mouth and groupon clients.  

Kim, Can u share an example of a good groupon u have offered that have actually given u a good revenue? Thanks so much btw :)


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