just curious... and how long until you started booking enough to support your business and yourself? TIA.


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Please dont be mad at me but... :)

What is your name?  Not only could I not find it but not a single poster could either and that tells me something about your marketing. :))  Your first and last name will be your most remembered asset so please use it and make it easy for people to find it, remember it and call you by it.  My point is that your on a forum and I cannot call you by your name and this is much easier to remember because its right in front of me.  Now with that said, please dont be mad at me for pointing this out.

Keep a real job and depending on your state, stay in your home and keep your overhead very low until you have a large enough client base to afford things on your own.  Then when you think you can stay a little bit longer then go out on your own or share a space.  Just keep that debt low.  Over time it will work but nothing kills a business quicker then too much overhead and too much debt.   Its not what you make that kills you but what you spend.

Also, experience the higher end and more aggressive approaches to skin care.  Moisturizing facials and the skin care professionals who perform them are more numbered then the skin care pros who go deep and ride the line toward a medical approach.

Hope this helps. :))

Oh and I take skin care pros under my wing and roughly 0 - 20 is the average I see in the number of clients they have when starting.

Marty Glenn


0-20 a week Marty?

and I didn't understand the aggressive paragraph.  I know, it's been a long day, I might just be tired.


I'm sure he talks about the acid peels, micros, corrective facials. That's what I'm pretty adventurous at :P
Why would I be mad!!!! Lol thanks for the advice I appreciate it! Actually I felt a little hesitant to post my real name here just because I'm literally exploiting my name in the esthetic world haha it's everywhere, facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. I don't want to look conceded and do the same here since we are all estys and trying to do the same. But trust me I won't mind sharing my name.

I do have an actual job and too late I have opened my own already although I've been getting all my equipment little by little for over 2 years now so basically I only have my rent.

And yes, I've worked at med spas only so I'm experienced in a more medical approach. I'm also a laser technician. :-)

Thank you all for the great advice, I'm confident that things will work out I just need to have a little patience. I'm still on week one. :D

Enith Hernandez
Today, I made laser color copies of my menu, walked around the plaza and went door to door to talk about my services. It's a start. :) I'm no shy about that, I did spokemodeling in the past years when I was younger so talking to strangers is not big deal for me haha.


Very good. :)

All that sounds great. If you would like details on laser equipment maybe I can help if you like.  I deal with the importers on the latest technology, I think there are like 7 laser machines ?, but I can send you the PDF's brochures.

Maybe your further ahead then you think and maybe too hard on yourself. :))

Marty Glenn


Well honestly I'm pretty biased. I prefer candela lasers (Alex and yag). I'm attending a candela workshop the upcoming month, I joke to their rep and trainers that one day I'll work for them lol


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