I'd love to know your thoughts on this. I have a client who just bought a skin Script ageless Skin Hydrating serum with hyaluronic and from what I've heard it's ok to use when pregnant.

She's a big googler and wants to return it since shes newly pregnant and says shes been finding articles on not using it. I usually go to skindeep on ewg.org and look up 

things, I found it at a 0-2 level showing no suspected toxins..any thoughts?

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I've never heard of hyaluronic being an issue during pregnancy. Salicylic and retinol are, of course, always considered no nos.

But... I think people go a little overboard with the pregnancy dos and donts, personally. I've had three children, so I can safely say theyre not as breakable (in the womb or out) as people seem to think these days, lol.
Just my personal opinion, of course, and I always advise my clients to ask their doctor because I don't want any liability in this litigation happy world we live in. :)

If you're unsure, go for the 'ask your doctor ' route, as that's safest :) most doctors hand wave things like toxins in skin care and OK just about everything except retinol and sal.

Thank Nicole, I'm with you... I also think that they forget to check things like toothpaste, haircare

deodorants etc..., but they get into skincare ingredients for some reason... I will let her know about the Dr. too, I'm sure he will say the same...thx

wow - first ever I've heard that someone thinks that ingredient is unsafe.

For a lay person maybe the "acid" is what throws them off.

If you do a search using "Sodium Hyaluranate" do you find anything "bad"?

It's probably better to take a product return with this one though  :)

She wants to keep it now, yeah maybe the acid part scares people, but spoke to her, and 

now she says she's fine with trying it out. I've never heard of it being an issue to use, but I can understand her trying to be cautious when pregnant ;)


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