Can anyone respond with their comments on using this machine and supposedly it does have the WOW factor. Is it true??



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I have had a hydrafacial done to me before and I really liked the machine, but you can definitely get the same treatments from the right combo of skin care products.  If you are looking for a one stop shop machine that treats everyones skin then I would say its for you.  I don't think i would want to replace the hands on experience for the client but could be a nice addition to a full facial.

I purchased one quite a few years ago and although it gives a nice treatment.....nice is not good enough for the amount of investment for the machine. I got caught up in the hype and pulled out the ol' credit card! I only kept it a few months and was able to sell it, thank goodness. There are other machines out there that give the WOW factor for much less money.

Many thanks ladies. What machines do you all recommend for the WOW factor...)??? It is quite confusing out there - so many machines that claim perfection. I do have a Dermasound Elite (overpriced) but it gets results. Was looking an adjunct machine to pump up results -- any thoughts??? thank you

I am new to this industry so I would not be a good person to get that type of advice from.  Good luck and keep us posted with what you find. 

I wouldn't buy this equipment. 

My friend swears by this machine....

I've used the hydra facial machine in school. A lot of my clients like it because it was in comparison to the microdermabrasion machine but far more gently, less messy and given more moisturizing affects. The serums that you have to spend a fortune on with the machine are nice but as Sheila added you can get the same results with good skin care products and hands on techniques. I don't think it's worth the money especially since most of them make you use their solutions with it. The results i did find as far as pros was the client is left feeling moisturized with a plump (especially the labial folds) look and added radiance to the skin (because of the suction it brings blood to the surface given the older clients some color). A softer approach to exfoliation. I believe they use a similar machine with the Silk Peel which i was interested in trying. Has anyone had it done or used it?

I have used both the Hydra facial machine and the SilkPeel. Silk peel has diamond heads that range from 60 - 120 grit, and the solution bottles are small and go fast. 2 maybe 3 uses per bottle, the cleaning solution is one bottle per rinse.   you can adjust the flow and suction of the silk peel machine by turning a couple of knobs to change digital readout, but from experience those knobs can wear and vibrate during use. 


The Hydra facial machine has the touch panel display, and larger, longer lasting solution bottles.   It can be used with diamond heads, OR their vortex tip, which is a plastic cap with a raised swirl or circle design on the tip.  Technically the hydra is a multi purpose machine, the wet microderm, the infusion of serums and the LED Therapy.  buying the silkpeel and an LED like the InnLight unit could cost more than the hydra.

Having used both the SilkPeel and The hydra Facial machines, i feel they each have merit. Obviously if your not offerring LED Light therapy, then that feature on the hydra is wasted.  Personally, i found myself switching back and forth between the  two units, depending on my clients needs.  Also from talking to the Reps of each company, the machines can be worked or "layered" ias the exfoliation portion of your service protocols.


A bit long winded, I apologise for that, hope this helps in someway.




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