"I can get professional products cheaper from Amazon" How do you respond?

Hi everyone! I'm wondering how you respond to a client who doesn't buy products from you because she says she can get them cheaper through Amazon. I appreciate your feedback! 

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I have said: Most professional products have a shelf life. When you purchase a product from me you know that I ordered it directly from the company and in a few short days it was here. With products offered on Amazon you don’t know how long they sat on a hot truck or how long the seller has had the product sitting on the shelf. Which could make it be less effected or even unusable. I can guruntee freshness.

Nichole, thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your comments and totally agree! Jesse


I have an answer but you and others might not like it. So here it goes...

Professional skin care lines and I mean ones that are the real deal and not private label or built by mom and pop esties will have to address your question as some point in time, more on that later in this post, but first lets look at something else that is equally important: 

Look at this line: https://stackedskincare.com

Now this line is VERY professional and looks great.  But who is their customer?

When I first saw this line I thought wow that is a great site and well done line. Good for her.  Then I saw this: 


...and then I said F' This! What a disgrace.

Here is why -

What this person (K. Benjamin) does not understand is that by offering that peel to the general public she is under mining every single professional estie from the inside out and is a part of the major problem which is this:

The average consumer is being told by the internet and esties looking to make money on the web that they can do for them selves at home and oh ya buy my product as well and not pay the high price of in spa visits.  It is the 1 - 2 Punch!

So now for part two -

As mentioned above we are only talking about skin care lines that are the real deal so with that said. When a skin care line grows too big IT MUST make a decision to stay small or go big and go back on its promise that it does not sell on Amazon or Ebay and only sells to professionals.  Because once you grow too big as a skincare line you have two choices:


2. Get Diverted

And to answer your question: Once a client says I can get it cheaper online then from you:  YOU ARE DONE!

Marty Glenn

Skincare Science

I completely agree. Go and find another skin care line when you know you need to compete with Amazon.


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