Three have visited me in the last three months. They book appointments with me and then attempt to start a discussion with me about how I should carry Nerium AD. One even tried to critique my current Anti-age line, suggesting the retinol it contains is dangerous because it would enter the blood stream (ha!). I didn't say very much this way or that because she was a new client and I always choose my words carefully when feeling out a new client. But one particularly obnoxious moment happened when she asked me if I knew "what ingredients were in their NAE-8 complex" obviously not expecting that I would know. I replied with "aloe barbendesis and nerium oleander". This surprised her but she quickly recovered to correct me....."not barbendesis". Huh? "NAE-8 doesn't contain barbendesis, just aloe and nerium oleander.


She has the Lexus and everything.

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Good for you! Im so tired of getting calls from Nerium. 

You're only getting calls? They come to see me in person. Competitive field our here. :)
I got one too. Multi level marketing. Who needs a whole chain of markups???

I had one try and sell to me at this past hair show. I was so ANGRY.  I asked her if you had to be a professional to sell the products. She said No, and then I was like, Why are you here then?  I was so ANGRY!!! Do NOT try and get me on line with that CRAP. Grrrr.....

Also, I asked one what Nerium Oleander does and she told me about it's anti-aging effects.  I asked for the study.  :D the INDEPENDANT one. hahahaha!

Samantha - I wouldn't consider her a new client. She booked the appointment to try and "recruit" you.

She probably deducts the cost of all those facials she goes around and gets as "marketing".

I would have asked her directly..."are you here to get a facial or was your only purpose for being here to try and sell me something?"

Actually she came to get her hoo haw waxed. Quite awkward really. LoL
i laughed so hard at this i choked on my dinner!
Don't choke lol!

I get calls all time from women wanting to sell me Nerium and Beauty Control. On my third week of working at a new place, the spa owner demanded I use the MLM Beauty Control as my professional line. I said we have to have a professional spa line that it is embarrassing when clients ask me if I recommend it. She responded that it is a professional line. She also wanted me to recommend MLM nutritional supplements. I laughed and quit.

I was like "thank goodness that hasn't happened to me"

But then today I got one! Ugh. :P

Kathleen Green, you are right about the Nerium reps. I have had the same problem with the Rodan Fields reps and the several others. They've made appts with me and spend the whole time trying to sell me their line
On the one hand I feel bad for them. Because they don't really know how offensive it is to us for them come in and talk at us about skin care as if they're as knowlegeable, educated, and experienced as we are. Most of the time they have no clue what kind of rigorous skin histology training we have and that we put ourselves through regularly. But I'm pretty sure the high ups at the company put them up to approaching us.


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