Three have visited me in the last three months. They book appointments with me and then attempt to start a discussion with me about how I should carry Nerium AD. One even tried to critique my current Anti-age line, suggesting the retinol it contains is dangerous because it would enter the blood stream (ha!). I didn't say very much this way or that because she was a new client and I always choose my words carefully when feeling out a new client. But one particularly obnoxious moment happened when she asked me if I knew "what ingredients were in their NAE-8 complex" obviously not expecting that I would know. I replied with "aloe barbendesis and nerium oleander". This surprised her but she quickly recovered to correct me....."not barbendesis". Huh? "NAE-8 doesn't contain barbendesis, just aloe and nerium oleander.


She has the Lexus and everything.

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I had a friend of mine who sells Mary Kay recommend glycolic acid for everyone yesterday on Faceboook.  She stated that it works great on every skin type. I asked her about it and she just didn't know what I was talking about and it was like we were speaking two different languages.  I finally gave up.  This is a FRIEND of mine. hahaha.

Yet we come off as the jerks...

I know, right? We really don't get enough credit as estheticians. We are experts, people!

Just had another one. She was asking me if I wanted to sell it. Said I could make a fortune. I told her I only sell professional products. There is a cosmetic surgeon here in town selling it.  $150.00 worth of cold cream.  I laughed at her. I said it wasn't a professional product and I prefer ingredients that are more effective. HAHAHA!


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