Has anyone used image skin care I peels? Looking for a product line and I wanted to know about there chemical peels. I have tried their other products, just would like info on there peels. If you have used them please let me know what you think vs other chemical peels? Thanks

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Hi Julie, 

We actually used the I Peels at my beauty school.  We offered the four layer peel using the Glycolic I Peel and we also offered the Passion fruit peel, a more gentle exfoliation, using the enzyme I Peel and i must say i could not decide which one i loved more. They both show instant results, my clients would get off the bed with such beautiful glowing skin. They also smell amazing! I'm a huge fan, and I'm bring Image skincare in for my main service and retail line. You do have to take a class i believe before purchasing their I peel products, but its well worth it.

Thanks Tatiana I really like Image to! I have some of the retail products (ageless) that I use at home which I love. I have taken the Chem peel 101 class.I didn't get a chance to test them though. I would love to test all of the peels before I pick 1. How did the four layer work? Thanks so much for your input.
i USE & LOVE DermaQuest Line of resurfacers / peels!
Yeah, i also love the Ageless line, i really enjoy the resurfacing mask. The four layer peel we did at my school was a combination of the Ageless and Vital C products + the Glycolic/Retinol resurfacing iPeel. We used the Vital C cleanser and the Ageless cleanser, The Glycolic Ipeel, The Ageless resurfacing mask, and the hydrating Vital C enzyme mask, and we pretty much just built layers of the product, massaging each layer in for a minute, then finally it would sit during our massages, and we would finish it with a toner, the ageless Hyaluronic acid, the Vital C Serum and an Image SPF. If i upsold a customer on this facial, they were never dissatisfied and usually returned for it. Most everyone's skin reacted well to this one, and there's a nice passion fruit ipeel using the Ormedic line which is amazing for sensitive skin


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