I am a licensed Esthetician and I have been thinking about getting certified in lash extensions. But Im getting mixed feelings about it. I have another Esty friend who does them and loves it and makes great money doing it. But I have also been told they make your real eye lashes fall out. I would say Im more of a naturalist and would never get lash extentions for my self but there is a high demand for long lashes these and It would be nice to be in on it. The problem is, Im not sure I want to promote something that is going to make your natural lashes fall off by frying them with glue. So for all you fellow esty's out there can you please share your experiance with lash extensions and the pros and cons so I can have a clearer view of my path?

Thanks a bunch!!

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Funny to be reading this post because I was battling with this very thing a few months ago.

 A good friend of mine who is also an Esthy had her lashes done and was so upset after it because she lost a lot of her lashes.    I took it with a pinch of salt because I am probably one of the least 'neurotic' people you could ever meet and don't take to drama of any description too well.  I was contemplating taking a class to learn how to do them, so I decided to take myself off to get lashes done so I could see what it was all about.

The girl who did them was great, they didn't fall out at all and lasted a good few weeks without losing any.  She makes a lot of money doing them.  After having them for 2 weeks I decided I wanted them removing as I sleep on my belly and it was getting difficult for me with the fake lashes!!

I was shocked!  My real lashes were like 'stubs'!  My other Esthy friend was correct!    It has been nearly a month now and I have been using 'Latisse' to help them grow which is helping!    I wouldn't do them again, neither will I train on doing them because of this.   I wouldn't want some crazy coming in yelling at me!!!   It wasn't the girls fault that did them as she is good at applying them....I just think, it puts too much strain on your natural delicate lashes that it causes them to break off, or fall out or maybe it's the glue??  Sorry....I am not an advocate for them!  :(     The Pro's are they looked GREAT for 2 weeks and I got tons of compliments.  The Con's are that I now have to wait a few months with expensive Latisse and lots of mascara to give them volume again!

This is great advice. Thank you. My Esty friend did tell me that it depends on the glue. She uses three types: All natural, Meduim hold and super duper hold. The natural glue does not damage your lashes but it also doesn't work as great as the other two. The super duper glue is the one that makes this service difficult but all her clients know what could happen and sign a release form. All they want is great long lashes and spend a ridiculous amount of money to do it.

I really appreciate your reply.


I personally had lash extensions put on for my trip to Mexico.  Here are the reasons I will never do this type of service again.

1. The girl applying the lashes had a soft touch but when she was done I looked like a spider and the lashes were WAY too long. I specifically told her I didn't want them to touch my eyebrows.  So after going home the fiance' saw me and said, "Holy Smokes what's wrong with your eyes!"  I ended up trimming them in my bathroom (very scary to do).

2. The way you have to cleanse your eye extensions is so time consuming. Baby shampoo mixed with water, apply to eye lashes and remove with a light hand in the downward position.  Then when I went to cleanse my skin and rinse the lashes got soaked with water, which causes the lashes to become heavy and then bend and the glue feels like your eye is being stabbed every time an eyelash bends. My skin always felt non clean because I couldn't wash it properly.

3. Lashes fell out and every lash that fell out i saw my real lash attached to it. That was scary.  

Overall, every eyelash was broken off and I looked like I lost my eyelashes. It was tough to see these tiny puny lashes I was left with and even mascara XXX long brands were not bringing back my normal length. It also looks very weird having 1-2 3 lashes still attached to yours while your waiting for those little pests to fall off.  

So me personally, would never do this again. I just wanted to try it to see if I would like it and I didn't. I go out and research products, treatments ect with others in our field so I can take back to my treatment room what I experienced and loved.  

I did NOT love this :(

Thank you Diane for sharing your experience. I thought about trying it out first too before deciding to do the education but once I heard of lashes falling out I backed down and created this forum to get input from fellow Esty's. After hearing yours and Claire's experience I know for a fact now that I don't want to promote this and ruin my reputation because of eye lashes falling out. So thank you so much for your help.
I was working for 14 mon and I want to tell you ,that Eyelash extensions not for Everyone, you need to educate your clients how its works . It's so many reasons the lashes fall out, it's very important that your lash artist its onest and do good job, I see a lot of artist do havy extensions on lashes that cannot hold on, ,very long extensions on short lashes.
I think you need to try your self 1 th , and after you can know how it's will work for your clients, and you need to go to prof lash artist ,with good experience !!!!
I think you need to Try.You never Ruin your reputation by doing good job.

Thanks for sharing your experiance. I have decided to not educate myself in this part of our field. I thought about getting it done on my self but truthfully my natural eye lashes are my favorite feature. I already have long full lashes and if by chance they fall out by doing extensions I would be devistated. And just to try them to try them would make me nerves. So If Im not willing to do it on my self how can I possibly sell my clients a huge investment like this.

I was origanlly trying to think of other ways to make money but what I found was I really need to find ways to improve what I already know and stick with what I love.

I truly appreciate all the feed back I have recieved and am happy to have support from my fellow esti's here on ASCP. Thanks all and Happy Holidays.   

When in doubt, stick with what you know and ROCK IT!  Happy Holidays to you as well!!

Some people absolutely love them and will get them filled every 3-4 weeks but I personally HATED having them on.  Felt like my lashes were suffocating and i ended up with a reaction fro the glue...so my eyes were red and scaly.  I found myself in the bathroom at 10pm one night literally almost ripping them out and crying...my boyfriend comes in and just casually shut the door.  LOL.  I also thought it was a bit tedious...I love doing the facials and peels....but I know they are HUGE money makers.  Let us know what you decide.

Sorry that you had very bad experiants with lashes.


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