My coworker is looking for an online class to get her eyelash extension certification. She is deciding between JB Lash or NaturaLash is the other one I believe? Which one has the best training/reputation and quality of lashes/glue? I already have my training done but traveled to the class.

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I know nothing about the quality of the supplies, but I do know a few people who have trained with Xtreme lash and been happy with their training.

Oh, but I just noticed she is looking for an online class.  Xtreme is in-person.

Thanks, I have heard that also. We work in North Dakota near the Canadian border so we have a limited option for classes :( Since I have been doing lashes we figured as long as she gets good online training, I can help her with any in person training she may need.

Cool! I will be very interested to hear what she goes with and how it works out.

Thanks! I will let you know what she decides!

I did the JB Lash online training and have been very successful in my lash business. There was definitely a learning curve for 6 months but I believe that would have been the case even with in-person training. JB Lash and Minkys are the only two brands I've tried so I can't comment on comparisons but I've been very happy with JBs customer service and quality of products.

Thank you! I will let her know :)

I know this post is older but I did look into them and it looks like they don't do online training anymore  


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