has anyone every purchased products from this website?


they also sell on eBay which makes a little nervous. They have great prices but i have yet to find reviews on them. Can any one give me any ideas or feedback on what a reliable place to by equipment at an affordable prices?

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I purchased a mag/steam/ozone and a towel warmer with uv sterilzer. No problems with the towel warmer. Mag light is ok but ozone switch cracked and eventually fell off, just a couple months ago. Steamer still works. Adjustments don't hold as well as they originally did, it's nearly 2 yrs. old, but price was right at the time., so really can't complain.

i have:)

there great i have bought 2 things from them off ebay

they work great:)

they also emailed me to see if i needed a copy of the manual

I purchased my first bed and my facial machine from them.  No issues.

I purchased an LCL multifunction machine, bed and chair package off ebay for a little under $900.  Am 100% satisfied.  It's not the highest quality, which I can't afford at present, but LCL equipment is an excellent company to start off with.  I suggest you go with a model not so complicated.

The service is great, too:  couldn't get the steamer to work, LCL support was very helpful, problem resolved very easily. 

This equipment is delivered in huge boxes!  So get ready to be overwhelmed.  Make sure you have someone handy to help put it together. 

Here's a pic of my room with my LCL multifunction :)

Good luck!




I agree!  My bed was a bit wobbly but for the price starting out, it's your best option!!

your room is beautiful!

I purchased a bed, steamer w/ozone, towel warmer/UV sterilzer, Woods lamp and cart. No problem with shipping - and that is free! They are very nice and quick!

I purchased a hot/cold steamer.  The price was very reasonable but I was not impressed with the quality.  When the steamer was on it rocked back and forth which I didn't like and it seemed top heavy.  The company, LCL, was very nice and tried to trouble shoot the problem but ultimately I was not happy with it and returned the steamer.

I have bought a steamer from them..it lasted a year, it was the hot cold machine. I then decided to purchase another one from them, its just as poor quality and has been giving me problems it will last you about a year the company is nice to work with but their products are cheap just like their prices. i would recommend to spend the money on a good quality machine that will last you a life time!!!!

I ve purchased most of my supplies from this company on ebay and I have been very happy.  No problems and they have super fast shipping.

I've purchased several towel warmers, a couple beds, and a couple steamer/mags from them.  I prefer tabletop steamers and mag lamps using a bracket from Universal bolted to the cart or wall.  

Like others have said, the steamer/mags were a disaster, the beds were moderately durable (until a very large client got on them), and the towel warmers are workhorses.

Good luck equipping your room!

They have a microcurrent machine that I purchased. It's pretty great for the small investment. I refer Esty over to them all the time!


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