has anyone every purchased products from this website?


they also sell on eBay which makes a little nervous. They have great prices but i have yet to find reviews on them. Can any one give me any ideas or feedback on what a reliable place to by equipment at an affordable prices?

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I have a microcurrent machine from them. It's not bad, the probes failed and they immediately sent out free replacements. Good CS. I had purchased a towel warmer from them which had a short, and would spark if you touched it wrong. Scary! Just ended up throwing it away.

Yes. I bought the Deluxe package of Pro2060 in November 2012. The only problem that I had was in 2015 August when my bulb from UV Sanitizer burned out. It can not be replaced because that bulb is out of production everywhere, so I had to buy other sterilizer (I get it from them, to) I bought a paraffin tub to and I love my bed (electric with remote) and all the equipment that I get from them. 

i have order a couple of things from them. I ordered a hydraulic bed. its great. Steamer not so great. I would advice to spend a lil more because some of it is not good. 

email LCL and give them your order number, date of shopping and name, then ask for the manual and they will send it to you by email.

You can call lcl beauty and they will email you an instruction manual.


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