I work at a Resort Spa. We are currently using Pevonia but with all the changes the company is making we are looking at switching things up a bit. I am hoping for some suggestions... We are open to 2 lines. One more result driven while the other more organic. Would really like to hear what your opinion is. Thanks

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Results for wrinkles...Circadia hands down. High end. Organic....Eminence is popular but I can't say I've ever seen any results.

Thank you

Rhonda Allison isn't organic but it's a great blend of science and nature! AND it's results oriented...2 birds 1 stone?

I use Skin Scripts for my results-oriented line, and Naturopathica for organic -- still great results just not as dramatic in one treatment. They both smell amazing!

Thank you that helps

Skin Script is the best and they ship asap!

Hylunia, its all natural, vegan and organic, but it really delivers results.

As someone who has worked at a ton of resorts, I can definitely speak about what is easiest to use/foolproof/easy to train and also what will appeal most to a resort clientele.

I suggest Naturopathica for organic, and GM Collin for results-driven. 

I don't use either line Ally suggests professionally but I do like both.

Eminence has great masks. Lime stimulating, blueberry detox and the radish peel they all work really well. The stone crop products are excellent for hyperpigmentation, also. I haven't worked with Circadia, myself.

Naturopathica is highly recommended by friends.

Thank you all for your help. I think we have decided to go with Eminence. If there are any particular products you recommend I am all ears :)



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