Looking for a new skincare line that's not sold on Amazon?

Just started my skincare practice over a year ago and I'm looking for a new PROFESSIONAL product line that is somewhat natural, doesn't have to be organic, but not full of chemicals, affordable, low minimums, great results and DOESN'T SELL ON AMAZON!!

I currently use Osmosis skincare and Image and I'm so disappointed to see them all over Amazon. I realize that sometimes this happens but the company says it's out of their hands which I think is BS. Anyways, I have spent many hours with clients going over products and providing samples at wholesale cost only to find out they are buying their products on Amazon. After taking a peel training with Image and investing in the whole line, I now notice that someone is selling the professional peels online for clients to do on their own. No matter what I tell my clients, (products might not be genuine or could be expired ect) they still buy them. I ordered a few myself and honestly most of them are genuine and not expired so it makes me wonder if the companies just say that and are really selling them on Amazon.

So frustrating as product sales are how we make most of our money!!!!

 Any thoughts on some alternate products to try? Thanks!

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I feel your pain Casey.  I had a client in last week who informed me she had found most of the Circadia products I had recommended on her last visit, on Amazon.  She purchased one product for $30 less than what I have it priced at.  I asked her to bring them in... and they are legit.  Frustrating to say the least.  I will also look into some of the lines mentioned here. 

skin scripts. can't be beat for back bar but not a huge fan of all the retail..... ronda allison is my absolute gold standard for back bar, retail & peels. 



The biggest thing you need to concern yourself with is NOT if the products are sold online, yet that is a big deal. Maybe that is tied with your first concern but your first concern should be if the liquid is private label or not. Meaning did the person you are buying from just buy the liquid from a company that is a lab and sells to many others and just repackages it. That is the bigger concern. 


Normally you can tell if a line is private label by looking at the packaging and the ingredient deck and also how the line and each ingredients solve skin care issues.  If each product has the a lot of actives at very different levels of percentage and the actives do not conform with clinical science in both Derm and Esthetics then probably it is private label and with that said, your using a line with no foundation and it is just a business of selling liquid in a bottle.


So picking a line is much harder then what you might think. If you go to the Las Vegas show, over 50% of the lines there are private label or have many products within their line which are. This is a big topic that I have only touched on here but this link will help you understand what I mean.


This is a link directly related to education that I give on product knowledge for my line even though it has nothing to do with my line.  What it shows is a behind the curtains look at the industry and how ingredients make it from the lab to the bottle to the TV and then to mass market.  The Ebay link will basically show you the private label and what I am talking about.


Here is the link: Link


Marty Glenn


Wow!  Thank you Mr. Glenn for the good & informative read! 

Thank You Marty! Great Info!

I love Glymed plus. A great pharmaceutical line using organically sourced plants and very active ingredients. Clients see the difference immediately. I love their products

You may find Glymed plus in Amazon to, but you can explain that is not secure to buy this products from unauthorized sellers because of possibility of tampering with them, or possibility of being expired or maintained in improper condition that may cancel their effectiveness.

Hi Casey,

The only way you can protect yourself is by going the private label route.  Because your name is on the product, and in some cases you can also choose the name of the product, clients won't be able to find it anywhere else.  The private label products are a bit less expensive to purchase, therefore you can have a higher profit margin as well (most big name companies make you pay for their fancy packaging and advertising).  I have found Botanical Science products to be very good and have been retailing them as my second line (I'm also selling YonKa Paris product, but clients can find them on Amazon too.)

I have never seen Glymed on Amazon. They police it very well.

You are correct! I have never seen this. Most are at full retail but some in the old packaging are cheaper but probably out of date (freshness) Thank you for pointing this out to me!!!!

Glymed is sold on Amazon. I feel the pain. That is why I am looking for another line


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