Looking for a new skincare line that's not sold on Amazon?

Just started my skincare practice over a year ago and I'm looking for a new PROFESSIONAL product line that is somewhat natural, doesn't have to be organic, but not full of chemicals, affordable, low minimums, great results and DOESN'T SELL ON AMAZON!!

I currently use Osmosis skincare and Image and I'm so disappointed to see them all over Amazon. I realize that sometimes this happens but the company says it's out of their hands which I think is BS. Anyways, I have spent many hours with clients going over products and providing samples at wholesale cost only to find out they are buying their products on Amazon. After taking a peel training with Image and investing in the whole line, I now notice that someone is selling the professional peels online for clients to do on their own. No matter what I tell my clients, (products might not be genuine or could be expired ect) they still buy them. I ordered a few myself and honestly most of them are genuine and not expired so it makes me wonder if the companies just say that and are really selling them on Amazon.

So frustrating as product sales are how we make most of our money!!!!

 Any thoughts on some alternate products to try? Thanks!

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Are you able to change product name from Botanical Science

Unfortunately many of the professional lines get in Amazon because of licensed people that use Amazon to sell their products and does not matter what you get, soon if the brand gets credibility will be sold in Amazon. What you can explain to your clients is the fact that such kind of buying habit does not guarantee that the product is not expired or tampered with it, so the results may be bad.



Some of the posts here are funny.  Please nobody take this wrong. I say funny because funny = Just not informed enough.


So I will try to give some help. You might not like what I say but believe me its pretty true. So here it goes ;)

Issue:  As a professional, the number one and two ways to make money are high end high profit services and the products that are sold to the client as a support regimen to the results driven services.


Problem: The products that are used can be bought in many places and not just from your salon; the repetition of the purchase keeps the client engaged in your services unless they find cheaper and from another source in which case the chain is broken and your job is that much harder and that much less profitable.


Possible Solutions:


1. Make your own brand or should I say ‘Private Label Brand’.  Why this is a bad idea…

When you purchase liquid from a private label brand lab you are buying liquid that is ALSO bought and placed into other private label brands and the liquid and claim behind the liquid is not 100% accurate. Anybody can put a bunch of active ingredients together and claim specific results.  Is that what you are after? If so then maybe private label is for you. 


You also have to consider bottles, labeling and the protocols and more importantly when a clients skin has a reaction, which is possible, what do you say?  After all you just bought a liquid and stuck it in a bottle and listened to the lab that sold it and the literature for the products, if any is provided, as to what and how it works.  And by the way those products are made for mass market, have little affect and more often then not are only made to sell liquid and are not results driven…mainly hydrators.


2. Stop using products from the top 10 skin care lines. Here is what happens to these lines and it is not their fault. Once a skin care line takes off it is a huge job to protect it and in fact it is almost impossible. 


And here is a little more info for you:  They do not care.


They are making so much money and the marketing of their brand has taken a clear life of its own and to be honest it cannot be stopped. It’s a living and breathing entity and little can be done to change it or change its course. 


3. Here is another major point that I find very interesting: You are on a forum asking what lines should you purchase and getting other estheticians who have created their very own private label brands trying to sell their brands to you.  


(This is not a bad thing at all but it makes me wonder if you are thinking in terms of results or just the dollars of selling liquid in a bottle. Since that is what private label truly is.  Do not believe me… Go ask one of the top ten lines if you can buy their liquid by the gallon and sell it in your labeled bottles. What do you think they would say?  The reason is they have tens if not hundreds of thousands invested in their lines and the education and protocols that back it. Sorry but private label brands from private label labs do not have that.)


With that said, (buying private label brand from another private label company / estie) not a terrible idea but why would you do that when you could go to the Las Vegas / New York / Florida shows and or do some Internet research and create your own brand.  By some bottles, buy some labels and put them all together and you’re a skin care line owner too. I have invested in the high six figures into my brand and I created each product ingredient by ingredient and they conform to the hot lists in the United States, Health Canada and the EU to the best of my ability. Yet if I went private label route I could have done it between, probably, US$30,000 - US$50,000.


Conclusions: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH… ;) Do not post ONLY here looking for answers to what lines to carry. This forum is great and a great place to start but do not stop here.  This should be only step 1 of 10!  Here is some help. There are a few Dr.s that researched the actual affects of specific ingredients and they hold hundreds of patents and there are specific books dedicated to the actual clinical and medical affects of these ingredients at specific percentages that have been proven to work. You have to go back to the early 90's and also research patents.  Trust me they are there. TRUST ME! ;) It is all available if you do the homework.

The brands that created the skin care industry are out there and they are small diamonds in the rough and are not a part of the top 10.  They are all results driven and have the research and patents to back up their findings.


Read this article (link below), think about what I said in it and what was said by others, make your own opinion and then do some research. You have to think differently to weed out the smoke and mirrors of the vast and enormous skin care industry. Trust me the solution is there for you if you only want to spend the time.

Funny thing though, with that research you probably will never come onto a forum like this one and ask the question: "What line should I be using?"


Marty Glenn



We understand your frustration.  There was a day that you would never see professional products sold at unprofessional establishments let alone sold discounted.  This has hurt our industry.  We have a contract with each professional partner that carries our line to protect NuGenisis products from being sold anywhere discounted online below SRP.  More info below!   

NuGenisis Professional Skincare, a company that develops and specializes in age-defying skincare products sold in medical spas, spas, and physicians’ offices.   

What sets NuGenisis apart?

•   A belief that an investment in clinically proven ingredients is more important than advertising hype and elaborate packaging.

•   Products that are sold by professionals and not sold discounted anywhere online below SRP                 (by contract).  We choose to bypass discount websites and instead forges partnerships that are refreshingly personal and financially beneficial for NuGenisis partners.

•   Formulations that are highly concentrated (above industry standards) 

•   A less-is-more approach when compared to other lines, less products needed of NuGenisis products to achieve more noticeable results.

•   A commitment to long-term client compliance by offering multi-targeted products and larger, value-sizes.

•   A focus on updating products to keep pace with cutting-edge skincare science

To find out more information, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Email:  Laura@NuGenisis.com  

Office: (609) 914-0277

Hi Laura

OK so SORRY Laura but this is for all the Newbies out there and to really help all of you understand the industry better.


NuGenisis sells a product called Renew Serum and here is the link: Link

This product: Renew Serum $155 and $94

What is the percentage of M3000 you are using (You do not say on the page)?

The before and after pictures are not NuGenisis but are the before and after pictures taken from the sell sheet for M3000. This picture is from the actual screen shot I took on my computer.  See also the attached PDF doc.

and another one of the ingredients used is: Progeline™

and here is the link to that ingredient and the company who sells it.


What percentage are you using of that ingredient ( You do not say that either) ?

and now for the great part...

Here is a link to another company that sells it and its $62.00: Link

If you do not know who that company is and who founded it, then you are missing the boat on the skin care industry by so much I cannot tell you. ;) But here is a hint and a little help:

From there about us page:  Link

The Cosmeceutical Leader

As pioneers of AHA products, NeoStrata provides consumers with products that are results-driven. Independent clinical studies demonstrate the benefits of NeoStrata in reversing visible signs of aging. It is for this reason that doctors have supported the brand since its introduction to the Canadian market in 1991. It is also why NeoStrata was coined the first “cosmeceutical” brand in Canada. Today, NeoStrata products are sold in drugstores nationwide and are the dermatological solution of choice for healthy, younger-looking skin.

**See that date in bold.  This little bit taken from their website does not even tell the whole story but let me just say this.  The founders of this company hold over 75 patents on the use of AHA and BHA and and held patents in their use in both US and Canada and Australia.  They have since expired but every single brand of skin including mine takes its knowledge and research form what these Dr. did.

See this picture!  That is from my bookmarks page and look at the dates of the patents.  Like I said in the above post. The skin care industry was founded on a few diamonds in the rough and everybody else is a copy cat. Plane and simple. Every body from 2000 and till now is about creating a marketing hype behind there products to sell them and well private label, well that is just pointless.

These are the patents that are owned by the founders of NeoStrata's parent company called TriStrata. Why have you never really heard of this line or mine???  Because there is not really very much hype because the products are results driven and work and the owner like me do not hype or lie. It is that simple!

Read this link: Link

This company sued the top brands for patent infringement and was awarded I think it was close to 100 Million in damages and they won.

This is just one of the legal matters:  Link

So which brand should you buy from?  Your choice... I guess they are both great.


You have to think about skin care this way....

What is the skin related problem?  What is the active ingredient proven to help fix that problem and what percentage and has it been used to treat that problem within dermatology and esthetics for over a decade but closer to 20 years? And Finally what are the ingredients that make up the base liquid to deliver that active and is it as clean as possible so that irritation and other ingredient related issues can be minimized?

Get those answers and you have found a great line! ;)

Marty Glenn


P.S.  I just basically gave 10 years of my life in research and in learning in one post. lol  Well actually not really but this is really important information.


No problem.  It gives me an opportunity to talk about my passion.

You only mention 1 of the many peptides that are in our renew serum. And YES, all peptides are added in the amounts that are suggested and used in the companies clinicals. There are also pictures of 2 different sets of hands where our RENEW SERUM was applied to the left hand only.  It is clear how effective peptides are when used in the correct amounts but even more impressive to see the hands in-person. The doctors like to pinch the skin on both hands and watch the skin bounce back on the hand that receives RENEW SERUM twice daily.  



Just reviewed the Neostrata Firming & Tightening Serum for 1 oz/SRP $62 that you gave a link to.  Thanks!  

Our Best Selling Renew Serum is sold in 2 sizes: 1.7oz/SRP/$94 & 4 oz/SRP/$155(30% savings)

NuGenisis Renew Serum formula includes: Syn-coll, Matrixyl 3000, Matrixyl syn6th, Teprenone, Progeline, Wakeme Plant Cells, etc.  ALL peptides are added at the full percentages suggested and used in the manufacturer clinicals.

The attached pictures are from using NuGenisis RENEW SERUM.  Info is on the pictures. Thanks for your interest. 




In my opinion this is a problem Professional Product Suppliers can solve very easily.   Allow Estheticians to earn commission for online product purchases from their clients.  

1.  The Supplier would be responsible for all marketing and product promotion.

2.  The Supplier would provide the Licensed Esthetician a web link or website for client usage and sales tracking. 

3.  The Esthetician would make commission for their referrals and sales while being responsible for product education.  

If pro products are being sold online (i.e. peels), sooner or later, the Supplier will be sued.  Perhaps an unknowing online purchaser suffers skin damage or worse. Maybe a child gets ahold of say a "chocolate peel" and decides to taste it.  What if?  

For our profession, to remain professional we need to protect the industry but suppliers must get onboard.   Really, why should I promote and market, educate and sell a product without incentive?  And why should my clients buy from me when they can get it online, probably cheaper? 

Keeping prepaid product on my shelves makes absolutely no sense.  

Hi Casey,

I would recommend Shira Esthetics.  We offer a variety of product lines from cosmeceutical to organic. Our organic products are 100% natural and are incased in eco-friendly bamboo packaging. We sell to salon and spa professionals only and you must hold an esthetician or cosmetology license to purchase any of our products. Although selling of products on any third-party websites are inevitable, they are closely monitored and result in a penalty.

Feel fee to browse through any of our products  at www.shiraesthetics.com

As a professional, your prices are less than half of the listed prices, and our minimum order requirement is $150. 

If you would like anymore additional info, you can get in touch with me via e-mail: Jordanna@shiraesthetics.com.

Take care! :)


Go Private Label! I really like CoValence, Your Name and Lady Burd.  Skin care companies use to not sell their products directly on their own websites and part of the incentive to purchase from them was so that clients could only buy from Licensed esthitican (with in a certain area). Not any more, skin care companies are selling their products at the "suggested market retail price" online so your clients can go online and get the same products from from them. Also people have figured out how to buy from companies and then sell on e bay and amazon for less than the suggested MRP. Its very discouraging since I know you all have spent tons of time, money and invested in not only the space on your retail shelves and your back bar, but your belief and energy into actually being a representative for this specific line. GO private label, its the only way for you to get back the money you invest in your sales and build repeat sales revenue. Choose wisely at first just a few items, start with the ones you will sell the most of and then every 3 or 4 months add other items.  Best wishes!


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