I have been asked to speak to a Girl Scout Troop about skin care.  I have found a few simple resources online (AAD has "Sammy the Skin Cell"!) but I really would like to create a cool, relevant package for these kids.

In your opinion, what do they need to know right now?  This is a group of 10 - 12 year old girls.  Do you know of any online resources I am not finding? 

Here are my thoughts so far:

- What is skin?

- How to care for your skin.

- Sun safety - I thought showing some oogey leather sun damage pictures might be good here.

- Pimple time tips.

 - Hands on activity to make a body scrub or facial mask? 


I know you all will have some great ideas.  Once I get this organized, I will compile a blog post that will be able to become a lesson plan for all to use.

Thank you for your help.


Julia in Woodinville, WA


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Sun safety is a good one! I remember when I was that age, I heard "wear sunscreen because of skin cancer" all the time, and it had ZERO effect on me -- when you're 12, being warned about medical problems just doesn't make it through your head at all, but if somebody had said "wear sunscreen because you'll get ugly if you don't" then every little girl at my school would have coated herself in the stuff for the rest of her life.

At that age, they'll also be starting to play with makeup. There might be some topics there to think about. Go and buy a magazine aimed at this age group and it will probably give you a ton of ideas, both from what is covered and what ISN'T covered but should be.

Hi Julia,

I love this idea!  Great way to reach out to young gals and maybe even their mothers! I would ask the GS to invite mom's as well.  Making body scrubs and masks and applying at home is a fun and relaxing mom & daughter activity.

Since many of these young gals will experience acne very soon in their lives I would cover the truth about what causes acne and what doesn't. 

Provide the girls with easy to follow written instructions on daily/weekly skin care and maybe even include sample sized product (sunscreen) if your budget allows for it. A sort of "goodie" bag with a 10% discount  for your services.

I look forward to hear how this works out for you! Have a great time!


What a wonderful idea! They will really love the hands on activity!


wow...great idea, I know pevonia has a teen line but might be too strong. I did find a kids line online last christmas I was going to order for my girls but long story short never got around to it...I'll see if I can find it again and if it looks good I'll send you the link. I'm really loving this idea looking forward to all the info!! good luck :)


All good ideas Julia!  How wonderful you are doing this.  Maybe my 14 yr old daughter should attend.  She doesn't listen to me, because after all I am an Esthetician and what do i know? LOL.   She listens to others but not me! :)

Think the pimple time tips is great...they look to pick and squeeze! I know I did at that age.

Hi Julia

Did you create a blog post and lesson plan on this subject.? How did the event turn out for you?


  I'm also very interested in how this turned out and what you ended up doing. I have been giving this idea lots of thought. I even researched a cost effective way to get them set up with product. So far I have found a good physical sunscreen that you can buy either 1/2 gallon or a whole gallon. I found it on the Mexitan website. I thoght it would be nice to send them home with a kit; cleanser, toner spray, and moisturizer with SPF... I did a spa party for my 10 year old and 3 of her friends, they LOVED thier mini-facials, and (according to their moms) are using their products routinely. It's all a work in progress, but I think the more  info we can give to young girls the easier it will for them to have beautiful, healthy skin!

PS Love to hear product ideas for GOOD, inexpensive, cleanser/toner for kits...


Julia this is awesome!!

I did this with my daughter and a couple of students in her class. They all are 4th graders who started their menstrual this school year. I talkd to them about how when their body began to change and how it made their skin change. Poor girls...they are all so innocent and mother nature made them all self conscious about themselves. They enjoyed it and my daughter is 10 and she has her regimen downpacked!! Kuddos to you!!!


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