Anyone know of a great manufacture for effective skin care (cosmeceutical) that has all you need for effective retail and backbar? There are so many companies out there! I also need little to no minimums.  And cost efficient! Any advice would be great.  Thanks!

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I just started using Botanical Science based on responses from members of this forum. So far I like it a lot. No minimums good price point. Results driven ingredients.

I would agree with everything you have said. I am using it as well and LOVE it. It is effective and affordable. The clients LOVE it as well!

Please read post about CARB

I'm interested in Botanical Science as well but they told me I had to spend $100 with each order. I wish these companies would give out consistent information. I know it's not much but right now my monthly orders are about $70--I haven't had the money to stock retail yet.

Please read post about CARB

Please read post about CARB

Please read post about CARB

Ok thank you. I'm also sampling pharmco

I use the medscience line from vitelle labs and am getting great results.  Minimums are reasonable and your choice of packaging.  Wish I had done it sooner, my clients can't pick it up on amazon, ebay or any high end store.

Thanks! Do they sell their products stock with their label on it? Or can they sell it unlabeled and one can out their own label on??

If you don't have your own label design already, they will work with you to come up with one. You can use their stock names or invent your own & all products that you order come with your label on them, including backbar products.

Ok I have my own logo now but want to cut costs


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