I am looking to start up a booth rental business with in a few weeks. I am certified with PCA so i had planned on using their prouducts more so for strictly chemical peels. for regular facials i am interested in a professional, good quality and affordable line that offers everything (cleansers, enzymes,masks, toners, etc.) I have heard about skin script and was thinking of purchasing their line to offer on clients. any reviews on skin script or other reccomendations?? thanks!!

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Hi Katie,

You should take a look at my line, Michele Corley Clinical Skin Care. 

We believe in providing results driven products, reasonable prices and fast friendly customer service. Our Skincare line offers both back bar and retail products, and we do not have minimums or piece requirements.

Michele Corley Clinical Skin Care products are not sold on line to protect your spa product sales. 

Most of our customers enjoy a three to five time markup which has been a great contributor to additional profit and growth for their facilities. 

You can find a wealth of information on my website, www.michelecorleyclinicalskincare.com  

I would welcome a conversation to learn more about your business and goals and how we can benefit you.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or be of assistance in any way.

Michele Corley

I have been using Skin Scripts for a few years now and LOVE IT!! They are known for their enzymes, customer service, education and price points. $5 shipping no matter what. Drop ship for my clients if I want to mail directly to them without sending them a receipt from SS. The receipts comes from me. Free classes... The list goes on!! Lisa and her staff is amazing. I would recommend you atleast give it a try and order their sample enzyme pack that I believe is $15.

Im looking into doing PCA as I wanted a stronger line with peels. How do you like it? 

Hi Katie, My name is Richard, I'm currently offering estheticians retail packages on products that are not available to our public market. Our current products are all natural, 100% pure essential oils and have a high success rate. Please visit secretlyobvious.com/testimonials to see what our products do without the help of esthetician expertise. I am offering peel kits which are all natural and cut the healing process in half. Send me a message if interested, I also have formulas, butters, pure oils, soaps, and I am working on haircare and liquid soap. 

secretlyobviousskincare@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you!


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