Good morning fellow Estys.  I hope you are all doing wonderfully!!

Question, does anyone have a marketing plan they would like to share for specials they run each month, or even each holiday.  I want to put something together, especially to make this easier for next year, and thought I would ask. 

Like January, New Year New special

If you don't run specials this way, how are you running specials if any and are you willing to share them?  Thanks!!

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I normally do bi monthly or holiday specials ( Starting a few weeks to month in advance) . Sometimes have a weekly day for teens, men etc.

Some ideas:

Teen Tuesdays (1pm-4:30) one per person ( facial for $25)

Summer Savings- 15% off body wax package ( 3 or more areas or sessions)

Summer sampler ( July) - 30 min customized facial and body wrap for ( x) amount - $20 off or 25% off normally

Golf Pack for Men- 35 minute massage and Back facial for - ( x) amount this week only or all month on Tuesdays

Ladies night- Take 10% off all products with any purchase

Seasonal Package- custom facial , brow wax, brow tint and ( massage or body glow/tan ) for - 20% off ( first time clients only)

Buy 2 get one free any service ( August)

Add on's for $18 instead of $25

Bridal Package and Brides maid
Or Mother of Groom ( peels and wraps for 20% off)

Student discounts with ID

Military discount

Service industry month ( facial for 15% off and free sample)

Gift cards I do buy $75 for $60 and $150 for $130 at Christmas

Send birthday cards or emails monthly to clients with $10 off next appt

this is great, thanks!

About 2x's a yr I do $75 for $100 or $50 for $75 , I recently did a product Blowout sale to encourage purchase of skincare kits, for students a back to school special 30 minute facial including a take home cleanser $59.

Good ideas, I'm stealing.


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