What type of product do you use for facial massage?


Grapeseed oil, biotone, etc.


I'm looking for a massage medium great for all skin types.

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I've always been a fan of Biotone for massage creams! It gives great slide and has a silky feel to it. The relaxing therapeutic massage cream  is my favorite for doing neck/shoulder massage, has a great lavender smell. http://www.biotone.com/massage/relaxing-therapeutic

 My second favorite is the  Pomegranate oil-free non comedogenic facial cream for massaging the face.http://www.biotone.com/HBFC16Z/oil-free-fragrance-free-facial-thera...

What I love most of all is that they both come in pumps, so I can go back for more  if I need to pretty easily. I have not used Grapeseed oil lotions since I just know what I love already. Hope this helps! 

Thanks, Katrina. This does help. I will definitely try this!
I have been using jojoba for over a decade and I love it.  Technically, it is not an oil but an ester...It never goes rancid, it is most like human lipids, does not stain clothing, does not build up in sheets, has more slip than a creme and no one in my clinic has ever had a reaction to it.  I add several drops of lavender oil to give it a pleasant smell and of course, lavender oil is anti microbial and anti fungal...I put it in a tall pump bottle so I have easy access to it....especially when doing a neck/shoulder massage and one hand may be holding the head.........I am getting relaxed just thinking about this!!!!
as someone mentioned earlier jojoba oil would be a good one as it most closely mimics the natural oils in our skin. Also look into coconut oil (one of my favorites) wonderful anti-ageing benefits, plus its stable and its naturally antibacterial for people more prone to breakouts. I also would recommend an aloe based product for skin massage, (I use Le Mieux calming gel) again its anti-bacterial and moisturizing qualities good for all skin types. However if someone is very oily and broken out I would avoid facial massage all together as this will stimulate their oil glands even more and spread bacteria.

Have you checked out the ingredient list in the biotone?

I am sure that you could use something better than that.

I like to use the massage to penetrate quality ingredients/serums - so I would not use anything that was occlusive that I would have to cleanse off, or that had ingredients that were not beneficial to the skin.

Sometimes a gel type masque can be used  as your massage medium.

I use jojoba on the body and would use it on the face - probably not during a facial, but that's only my preference. YMMV

I use Jojoba oil. It's great because it is the oil that is the closest to our natural sebum. It has a wonderful glide, and heat transfer, but does not leave a grease slick after. Hope this helps and good luck!

What vendor/manufacturer do you purchase the jojoba oil from???



I order mine from The Jojoba Company in Maine...800-2-JOJOBA in a one gallon size.  I recently purchased 1oz bottles for retail sale...The skin looks so tan when applied to the arms and legs...with all the toxic ingredients in body cremes over the counter, I feel confident selling such a pure item...I order the pesticide free oil, not the certified organic...the former is as pure as I need it to be...talk with the owner if you have further questions....

I recently found some incredible oil-based serums from skindropstudio.com.  (made in Breckenridge,Co)They provide great slip for facial massage while nourishing the skin. My clients and I have really enjoyed the earthy blends of essential oils and they make a great retail item.

Thank you, I am an esthetician looking for a new lorganic line to utilise and retail. 


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