Any Nurses on here who have combined their esthetician license with their Nursing?

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Yes. I am a RN and got my esthetician license last year. I am just now opening my clinical treatment center. Are you also a nurse?

Yes, I'm an LVN. I'm thinking about starting an RN program in September. I wasn't sure if I should just stick with my Esthetician license or get my RN and then go into the skin care industry. Is it worth getting your RN?

What is your ideal work environment, and do you wish to focus more on esthetic services (facials, skincare treatments, waxing, etc.) or do you want to focus on medical procedure?

Yes I am....I have a home business besides my nursing position

I don't know a lot about the medical side of Esthetics. I used to work in a Holistic spa and loved it. I can't help but think the money would be a bit more stable if I had my RN but that's probably not the reason to get into a particular area..

Yeah, if you want stable money, go for the ICU.  If you want to continue what you love in esthetics, talk to a lot of dermatologists and figure out who would have a good deal for you.


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