Hi ladies,

I do not currently use Microcurrent or LED treatments but I'm researching them now.  Would anyone like to recommend a particular machine and share what the cost is approximately?  Is anyone familiar with the Dermacycle Machine by Knutek?  I had a bit of a headache when I purchased my Microderm Diamond Tip machine--the first machine arrived broken--it literally would not power up, and then they wanted to have me fix the broken machine.  I refused, had to disassemble, reship and wait for a new machine (after it was on backorder in the first place). I have had a decent experience with the new machine except that my ultra sonic wand, I'm pretty sure, now has a short in the wire?  It used to make a clicking sound as I glided over the skin, and now it is totally silent, so I question whether or not it is working?  And that was a piece of my facial that I absolutely love.  I'm going to call the manufacturer today.  

In the meantime, any suggestions would be excellent.  I'm not necessarily ready to invest immediately, but perhaps in the near future.

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Hi! I just purchased a Microcurrent VB1000 from East West Med. Inc. and I LOVE it. It has color light therapy included as well. They have great training webinars and awesome support.

Other equipment I use:

Radiancy LHE/FSD for Skin Rejuvenation


Ultrasonic spatula

Hope this helps... =)


Hi Christy...glad to hear you like you VB1000! I played with it for awhile but I am just not that into microcurrent and it definitely is involved. They are a good company to work with! Dr. Starwyn has been at my Center a couple of times giving workshops. Have fun with it!


How does the UltraSonic device that you sell compare to the Ultra Sonic wand that is included in my multi-modality machine?  It has Microderm, Steamer, Hammer, HF, Galvanic, etc... My favorite benefit is that the US really reduces post extractions redness and inflammation dramatically.  My products are naturally-based and they penetrate exceptionally well, but I was curious about the peel function of your US device.  Thank you!

My ultrasonic spatula is a simple yet effective handheld unit (no cord, it's rechargable!). It has three funtions...exfoliation, extractions and product penetration. Here's the complete info:

http://www.shelleyhancock.com/ultrasonicspatula.html   Thanks for asking!


Hi Shelley,

Just curious as to why you are not interested in the microcurrent. I have started using it in my facial room and really like it. Do you feel there is a down side to microcurrent?

It's just that I don't personally enjoy doing the treatment. Specifically the true microcurrent treatment with muscle insertion and attachment technique. I do know many Estys that love the treatment and the results. Maybe it's just that I've been doing this for 26 years now and my attention span has waned over the years! I find it hard to sit and do one thing for 30 to 40 minutes. :-)

Well I just bought a 7 in 1 Microdermabrasion (Diamond) from Segawe on EBay great price.  However, it is very intimidating - looks like the would have used this in the Spanish Inquisition!  The manual is not that great in English; customer service is not that great in English. 

I don't think Segawe is the brand you may want.

Sorry wish I had done my home work, and not just looked at the price.

Gail Wagner

Gail, If you google microcurrent you will find tons of helpful information.


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