Does anyone know of a good microcurrent machine? I am looking to buy one, and am currently considering the one on Shelley Hancock's website. Has anyone used this and were your clients pleased with the results? Any machines you know of in the $1000 range I would like to know about! AND any machines to stay away from!! Feel free to private message me. Thanks!

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My company supplied us with the BT Nano which we use for microcurrent.  It's small and portable, battery operated, and works great.  It also does other functions, but I've only used it for microcurrent in muscle re-education  treatments so far. 
How long does the battery usually last?

Hi Amanda,

I've been pulling my hair out researching microcurrent machines for the last 3 months and I finally settled on the Contourn Ultra from Dermavista.  Yes its expensive but I was very scared to purchase from dealers on ebay just because I wanted to make sure I would have access to technical support, if I needed it, and training.  They have a monthly payment plan that helps to make it more affordable.  The machine is made in Canada and has a two year warranty.  According to the Esty on the training video this machine/treatment is what Stars use just before their Red Carpet events.   I hope that helps you. 


All the best,



Thanks, Virginia! How much does it run?


Hi Amanda...It was nice chatting with you yesterday! The unit I have on my website is definitely a good little machine for the investment. It's not going to obtain the same results as one of the more technical machines but you will definitely get results. We'll go over all of the little pointers I have for achieving a good results!


Dr. Darren Starwyn will be at my Center this coming Monday to demonstrate his ELR (Energy Light Rejuvenation) machine. Here's a video of him talking about it if anyone is interested:   I'll be posting my thoughts on my website after the demo!

I love my bt Gear nano ~

If you have any questions call Rose at 1.800.976.2544 ext#215

She is great!

These are the same machines I use and I love them.  The BT Micro and BT Nano are great! 

hi amanda

clareblends has 2 different microcurrent machines one sells for about 2500 and the other 5000. They both are amazing and the larger one has the ports for an LED if you chose to add that to your services. What i like is they are manufactured in the usa and have thorough manuals and training whereas some machines that are made overseas have poorly written manuals, no warranties and no customer service. Hope this helps.

Hi, I have an amazing microcurrent machine , its the SX 4000 machine does face and body. I am asking someone to take over payments or pay out right. This machine is barely used and half the price I bought it for. call 573-673-9090


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