I'm in the market for one new machine either microdermabrasion or LED panel. I have a inexpensive LED mask marketed for home use but I would like to invest in a panel as I feel this will give my clients more professional results. I also want a microdermabrasion machine as it seems this is still a popular service. I have a $300 diamond microderm unit I got in school, it works decent and has significant amount of suction, however I don't feel comfortable marketing microdermbrasion using this inexpensive machine that client's can buy on e-bay. I can only afford one machine right now, so based on other fellow Esti's experience,  what is the best investment?

Right now I have a hand held ultrasound, beautiful image micro current, needle free mesotherapy machine that works the face and body, LED mask & oxygen machine. 

Here is the microderm machine I have.


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I would buy an ultrasonic spatula. LOL! I think they are great, and you already have a microderm machine. How much are you looking to invest? An LED panel can be pretty spendy, but worth it. I know Shelley is working on a custom-built one!

GEEZ!!! I have not bought nor have I ever used a microderm machine, but I LOVE my spatula!!! And I bought my LED on a whim.  HOLY SMOKES!!! I cannot believe the results!

Which LED did you buy, Amy?

Some cheaply one on Amazon. I really bought it to try before spending tons of money. Wow! Really worth the money! I can't wait for Shelley' s New one!

Do you have the name of it or a picture?

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Photon Therapy Facial Salon Skin Care Treatment Machine

I saw and was thinking about this one as a starter! Thanks for posting!

I really LOVE it!  Until I can get something from Shelley, this is what I am using. I was thinking of opening up an LED bar. What do you think?

Thanks Amy.. Does this unit bend down to cover the face or does the client have to sit in front of it?

Thanks Ally. I got an ultrasonic spatula from bellaire industry. I really like it and it and the owner will fix it for you at no to min charge. I was thinking of the LED from Celluma but Shelly is not selling them anymore. I also read from another Estis post that it is falling apart already and she hasn't had it for very long. I like that its portable as I move around between two spaces so the Celluma seemed like the best option aside from handhelds. I was thinking of 2-$3,000 on microderm, but don't want to spend much more. I would love the one that Shelly sells but $6,000 is a little much right now. I might just have to wait for Shelly's custom panel. I'm sure she will make something amazing..

Oh! You didn't mention it.
You can get a new Athena AC-6638 for that price range. I have one and it's the best and most reliable machine I've ever used. I love it. I also have the Celluma panel and it's working well, but it doesn't do enough. There's no program for melasma/pigmentation and I find that the anti-aging program darkens melasma. I need one with green & yellow or amber. It's ok but yes the glue they use is not sturdy enough for a flexible panel, it separates. I have a handful of clients that can't tolerate it because it wraps around the face and causes claustrophobia. If I wer going to purchase one or the other, I'd choose the AC-6638 and wait for Shelley to make a better panel.
Thanks! I just checked them out and they look like they're good quality and reasonably priced. I'm glad I didn't jump on the celluma as it seems like they aren't all that great. Hopefully Shelly's machine will be portable. Do you get a lot of request for microdermabrasion?


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