Fellow skin care specialists:  I've held off on purchasing a microneedling machine, as I was waiting for the phenomenon to fine-tune it's offerings.  I'm ready to make the purchase. Before doing so, I'd like to know if anyone has an opinion on which instrument they like best. I'm curious, too, about the Eclipse and the SkinStylus - so if you have something to add, please do.  Thanks, Julia


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Been microneedling for 10 years and I have several pens, rejuvapen, beauty pen, and several others, but my favorite for real results is Procell, I've had incredible results, has a serum that has human growth serums derived from stem cells the web is Procell therapies,if you need any more info let me know. Deb Worsham dmw143@verizon.net

Hi Deb,

Do you have time to chat this week?



Hi Debbie, Does your state allow you to do microneedling or can you get back with this because you don't have to reach the dermis with this technology? Could I talk to you about Procell?



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