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I'm anxious to hear people's replies as well.  We sold it at Ulta, but never used it in professional treatments.  I got some samples and I didn't really like how they felt on my skin.  I got a vitamin C moisturizer that I was excited about, as I love vitamin C in products, but it didn't feel hydrating at all on my skin. 

Its not a professional line, it is more of a fluffy and heavily marketed line. If you look at the ingredient deck you will find too many ingredients that can be attributed to skin irritation. I am not saying that a specific ingredient but when using in a professional setting, results oriented treatments, you cannot have that many ingredients in a product line.

Its like this: When I do a treatment and there is excessive redness or having already done a treatment and doing a second treatment and the result is not the same as prior then I need to be able to narrow it down. If there are hundreds of ingredients (400-500+) within a regimen then it makes it that much harder for me to find the culprit.

I cannot always trust my clients to be totally honest with what they are using but I can control what I do. In fact I have a rule I like to stand by and its based on this: Any skin care regimen that I prescribe (AM or PM) you have to be between 150 and 250 total ingredeints. Try it with Murad or Dermalogica. Tough to do if at all.

Most professional lines, I have found a few, I can do this with. I have always believed its not just the active ingredients that I look out for but also what and how many ingredients there are. Add them up sometime and you might be surprised how many we do put on a clients skin. Or I should say prescribe for them.

Another really important thing that Murad does not do is form the line around chemical peels. Without a chemical peel program or that active ingredient in a product the exfoliation process will have difficulties and although Murad does contain a few they lose it for me on the number of ingredients contained. Another really interesting thing is its easy to add and subtract active ingredients and call it a new product and from what I have learned I think Murad has base formulas that are really similar so thats why I stay away.


Hmm, thanks @Tammy I appreciate your time in responding.  You made some interesting points

I have used several Murad products & I didn't enjoy them for my skin personally.

If you have never seen what the skin really looks like when the exfoliation process has slowed to crawl its really amazing. Those skin cells just pile up and create this thick dull sheet of grey. The skin's natural ability to stay moist is lost as we age all those moisturizers just act like glue.

I am always very careful not to over exfoliate my clients skin especially with older clients but I do stress the importance of allowing the skin to have time to naturally moisturize itself and with a less is more approach I dont have too many clients complaining of overly dry skin. Client trust is really important for me in this part of what I do and it takes a long long time but it in the end my efforts I feel are worth it.

Oh and I always tell my clients to stay away from the the need to apply every feel good and smell good lotion on their skin as it goes against what I teach or should I say preach. Now that is tough to do. LOL


i was just trained with this line, mind you i use a mefical line... this was what i compaired it too.   murard, imo, uses actives that are not innovative.  they irritate skin, and use so much glycolic its isnt safe.  it seems they ignore whats best for the long term health of skin for quick results.  i can not say i am a fan.  not to mention the model used, and adpoted buy large chain spas, i use the term spa lightly.  its sell sell sell.  i feel a good product sells it self.  i wishni could better express my dislike...  suffice to say, that after using a line that works, is safe, and is client driven through high standards, quality actives and newsest delivery systems... murard does not hold a candle to it.  ive been spoiled with quality... what can i say

i personally dont like murad!

i used there acne line and i have never broke out so bad:(

there line makes my skin dry and brake out

Google the main ingredients- I think you will be surprised...That's not saying you shouldn't use those ingredients... but just not pay so much for them unless you want to market the brand.... 

Thank you to all who took the time to respond.  Greatly appreciated! :)

I used to work with Murad in the 90's. It is not a big deal to me. I dislike Dermalogica equally or perhaps more.

Interesting, I didn't know anything about the line but heard of it and know spa's use it so I ASSumed it was ok.  A friend told me she just started using it so I didn't try to talk her into otherwise because I thought it was a professional.  Great to know!  Thanks ladies!


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