I've been working in here for 2 1/2 weeks and being here is definitely my happy thought for the day.

Hope you are all doing well!



PS - the pitcher-and-bowl system is not nearly as difficult as I had imagined it would be!  I'm using insulated coffee pitchers and I really don't miss my sink as much as I thought I would.

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Very sweet!  I would use the first pic to Facebook or post on website and leave the rest for when they come in.  I don't have a sink and I use the pitcher and bowl technique as well.  I do have a plastic white strainer--colander-- that I believe i got at the dollar store and I find that useful.. If you want to just pour fresh water on the sponges or 4x4's to rinse out and keep them from returning to the cleansing water or to stack a smaller bow on top so you have 2 water bowls.


Thank you!  Good idea for a facebook banner pic!  That could use an update :)

Your room looks great! I'm coming to get a treatment from you when I make it back to Nawlins!

What a pretty & peaceful room! Good for you and good for your clients to be in your "Happy Place".

I've used a large pump pot carafe, holds about 3 liters of water. (Similar to this - http://www.amazon.com/32130-0000-3-0-Liter-Lever-Action-Airpot-Stai...)

I like that I can get water by using the back of my hand so I don't get product on the handles or levers. :)

Thanks for sharing pictures!

Julia in Woodinville, WA


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