I'm wondering about different scenarios for renting a room as an esthetician. I'm currently an employee and was thinking about becoming a renter instead. Any advice or direction would be helpful. Thanks!

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think outside the box, be creative! I rent a room in place that was an old furniture store, that is now a gym downstairs w/ a dance rehearsal studio, yoga classes, Zumba, and tai Kwando dojo upstairs, there is a theater group w/ a small screening room. When the theater group has an event, 200+ people walk by my door. There are body builders who tan(I do tanning), and actors, dancers etc...My room is 9x10, the owner let me totally remodel it. I'm super happy I'm in this place! For me, being around creative people, especially actors/ actresses, has been helpful as they understand the need to look well groomed and take care of themselves.

I rent a room in a hair and tanning salon. It's been slow getting off the ground because I'm in a VERY small town. However, the salon is known as THE place for tanning in the area. Several of the stylists do not do any waxing and refer their clients to me for waxing. I've also had a few of the tanning clients who are starting to see adverse effects on their skin start coming for facials.


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